COVID-19 has most people thinking about the best protection against viruses and germs. Hand sanitizer, a product often taken for granted, has become a lifesaver in recent months. People are purchasing the product in large supply, to have available for all of their daily routines. Sanitizer for hands is a great go-to product when soap and water are unavailable, and it’s effective and safe to use. Here are four important reasons to keep this product with you at all times:

Effective on Germs

Hand sanitizer is fast and efficient at killing germs and preventing the spread of disease. The CDC recommends it contain at least 60% alcohol to be the most effective. Sanitizers can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs on your hands when used as directed.

Experts always recommend you wash your hands regularly because it’s the best way to protect yourself from harmful exposure to bacteria and viruses. When handwashing is not an option, sanitizers for hands get the job done well.

Easy to Carry

In public situations, sanitizers are invaluable. Think of how many things you touch in the public sphere when you purchase gas, buy groceries, go to coffee shops, enter restrooms, and visit recreational spaces. Your hands are a petri dish for all the germs you come in contact with every day.

Hand sanitizers come in all sizes for convenience. It’s difficult in any circumstance to avoid reflexively touching your face. In this time of COVID-19, having a portable bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times is a good decision and provides peace of mind.

Useful Anywhere

As people return to normal routines, they will need protection from the spread of germs in public facilities.

  • Schools
  • Workplaces
  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Stores
  • Parks

Many facilities installed sanitizing stations years ago. However, in the time of COVID-19, you need to take extra precautions to make sure you are safe at all times. It’s as simple as dropping a bottle in your purse, gym bag or in the car, so it’s always available.

Handy Cleanup

A small amount of sanitizer will cover the surface of your hands. Wait until your hands are dry before resuming your activities. This easy cleanup method is very useful when you can’t wash your hands. Think of it as a positive, new life routine that takes little time and reaps important health benefits.

The regular use of hand sanitizer is an essential part of our new normal. It’s a safe, easy, and effective protection against COVID-19, as each day we gain a better perspective on how to manage our health and active lifestyles during this time.