With the competitive nature of today’s marketplace, only highly competent job seekers can secure employment. If you want to improve your credentials and give yourself a competitive advantage over other job seekers, start by enrolling in online courses. These courses equip you with the latest skills that employers look out for and ensure that you are more competitive in the overcrowded job market. Since not all online courses will offer you an advantage, you will need to identify the ones worth pursuing.

Are you looking to enrol in online courses that could improve your CV? If yes, consider pursuing the courses listed below. They will give you the edge you need to secure your next job.


When it comes to coding, many people fear that it is a complex concept. Learning HTML will introduce you to the basic concepts of the website, and it can significantly improve your CV. HTML concepts come in handy when developing personal websites, small business websites, blogs, and many others. HTML courses have real-world value because they will help you tackle tasks ranging from design to customer support systems. It is an entry-level for any person interested in coding; hence a need to learn about it.


SQL is similar to HTML, which means that pursuing an online course in it will come in handy for you. The SQL basics involve learning about manipulation and queries that will help you manage data sets and other projects. An SQL course will help you pursue a career in product marketing, data careers, software engineering, and other related courses. It equips you with the skills you need to use data to make informed business decisions. Several websites offer entry SQL courses free of charge or at a small fee.


Many people continue to use WordPress for their blogs and websites. With the many things that you can learn about WordPress, a course in it could make everything easy. An online course on WordPress will involve learning about its content management system (CMS), developing a website, running it, and updating it regularly.

Whether you want to learn the basics of WordPress or to use it as a basis for advanced WP skills, the course will come in handy for you. Since many people use WordPress to host their websites and personal blogs, having the necessary WP skills will significantly improve your CV. The course is ideal for people interested in online marketing and website formatting.

FEMA Certification

The Emergency Management Institute offers free online Emergency Management certification that you can also take advantage of. The FEMA certification is one of the widely pursued online courses because it provides the skills that you need to manage a crisis. Many companies appreciate employees who have skills outside their specialty, which means that the FEMA certification will improve your CV significantly.

Social Media Strategy

Communication technology is changing rapidly, and businesses want to utilize every opportunity that the new technologies bring. Social media has become an integral part of business, and many employers are looking to hire employees with social media marketing or social media customer management skills. Having social media skills, therefore, makes you a valuable employee because you can offer insights into younger markets. Businesses are also looking to hire persons with social media strategy skills because they will help them develop new marketing strategies.

To ensure you possess the social media skills that firms want, check out the courses that could help you enhance your social media strategy. Courses related to information technology are highly marketable due to the continued significance of online marketing and digital management of data.

Leadership coaching and mentorship courses

An online leadership coaching and mentorship course will also prepare you adequately for the current competitive job market. Many employers are attracted to people with leadership skills because they make leadership easily sustainable. The skills will also enhance your leadership skills and help you interact with your fellow employees. Many employers are attracted to people with leadership skills and those who can mentor junior employees.

Taking up online coaching and mentorship course such as itil courses, therefore, is highly beneficial. It comes in handy for people looking to advance their careers and apply for leadership positions. A leadership coaching and mentorship course will increase the probability of landing a job hence the need to pursue it.

Google Analytics

Many businesses use Google Analytics to monitor their online interactions and shape their online marketing strategies. You can enroll for an online Google Analytics course and learn the basics of this vital online marketing tool. Google Analytics skills are essential for e-commerce stores, managing websites, and managing mobile platforms.


Clearly, numerous online courses exist that could help you improve your CV. You, however, have to enrol in the ones that are relevant to your area of specialty. You should also pursue courses that complement your academic qualifications and capable of giving you real-life skills.


Troy Lambert
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