Most people take clenbuterol or clen to enhance their performance in bodybuilding or athletic sports. Many men take them with other anabolic steroids for leaner muscles, and women prefer the drug because they have lesser side effects than steroids such as Winstrol. If you want to know more about Winstrol and its side effects, you can click here.

Before taking this, it is essential to note that the sports committees such as the Olympics and the World Anti-Doping Agency consider this drug as illegal. However, lots of people are still using this because they can improve their performance when doing strenuous activities and help in burning fat.

What is the Clen Compound?

Clenbuterol is a kind of bronchodilator that makes people breathe easier. For people who have asthma, bronchodilators are very valuable for them because they relax lung muscles and widen the bronchi or the airways. The first manufactured version of clen appeared in the late 1970s, and its popularity rose over the years.

Before taking the drug, it is vital that in recent years, clen is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for human consumption. But many people are still using this because it can crazily improve their endurance and give them energy.

The promise of boosting the performance doesn’t end there. The pill is also known for its fat-burning abilities. Some people who took clenbuterol reported that they felt hot in the first few days, and there’s a burning sensation that feels like the fat in their bodies are burning fast. Clen is not a steroid, as many people may have thought. This means that the drug will not mess with the hormones that your body produces.

How Does the Drug Work?

Clen is a stimulant to burn fats in the body. The drug has a fascinating mechanism which you can find in the following:

Improved Breathing

As mentioned earlier, clen is a potent bronchodilator. This means that it can drastically improve a person’s ability to breathe in oxygen. Since the bronchi are relaxed and the blood vessels are widened, more oxygen enters the bloodstream. This translates to an increase in energy.

Burn Fats Speedily

With its fat-burning abilities, it is not surprising why people around the world use this. Lots of them have reported benefits. Many people bought Clen for sale on websites and online selling platforms. It is reported that the pill is a legit way to trim down fats. For the first few days, they feel that they use more energy to burn calories, and they experience an increase in body temperature. The hotness that they feel does not mean that they are experiencing a fever.

Preserve Lean Muscles

For many bodybuilders, they are afraid that the supplements that they are taking may not just trim down excess fats, they might also lose the muscles that they strived hard to build. With clen, this phenomenon does not happen. Instead, the drug is surprisingly fast in preserving muscles and hold the mass together.

These can be appreciated more by people who have a calorie deficit. Lots of bodybuilders say that when they combine clen with other supplements. They claim that they can hold on to leaner muscles while losing fats at the same time.

More Energy

Many athletes treat clenbuterol as a kind of stimulant. An increase in energy levels and resistance to fatigue are observed in many of them. It can also be worth mentioning that clen can work similarly to the effects of adrenaline. You can read more information about adrenaline here: The more intensive training and workouts can go on for much longer for runners without experiencing problems.

Cycle for Clenbuterol

All supplements or drugs should be taken on a cycle. This means that you should take the pills two weeks straight, rest for the next consecutive ones, and retake the drugs after a fortnight. This will make the drugs work better while inside the body. It is known that the body will become immune to the supplements after a while, and one is required to increase the initial dose to experience the same power and energy again.

Cycles with clen prevent the body from becoming used to the drug, and the absence will let the muscles have their needed rest. Most people can run the cycle, starting from 2 to 9 weeks. Some may even go longer than that.

If you are the one taking the supplement, you must have at least 15% fat or even less before going into a cycle. Clenbuterol is also known to deplete an essential amino acid in the body called taurine. So, you must take taurine pills in reasonable doses while you are on clen.

Taurine plays a vital role in hydrating the cells. They play an essential role in digestion, and they regenerate calcium in the bones. They also act as antioxidants that can fight off germs and other free radicals, so it is essential to keep their levels high.

Is Clen Safe?

When it comes to the safety of a drug, you should do additional research or consult your physician before taking it. When it comes to clenbuterol, much of the studies have been done on animals. There are no established studies on the safety of clen for human consumption, so one should be careful when choosing and taking a specific product.

Some of the side effects can include nausea, nervousness, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, heartburn, vomiting, chest pain, insomnia, and more. Someone’s sensitivity to the drug can vary. However, users reported that after the body has adapted to the pill, they were not able to experience the nasty side effects after a week or two.

A Final Word on Clenbuterol

The drug will help you lose fat. But while you don’t gain substantial muscle gain, you can still preserve leaner muscles in the process. The drug is legal, which enables you to buy this anywhere and anytime you want. They are popular when it comes to cutting. However, use clen with caution as there are side effects that you need to think about. Consult your doctor if you are in doubt.