PC Gaming is one of the oldest forms of gaming that has always been the center of all attraction. It is said that if you are a true gamer, PC gaming is something that you will always fancy. Many gamers around the world still love to play games on PC rather than on consoles and mobile phones. They love the mouse and the keyboard interaction while playing their favorite games, either an FPS or an adventure game with their friends online.

You can watch out for gameplay, walkthrough videos, and some really cool game trailers on YouTube using one of the most affordable, reliable easily available Spectrum internet service for an amazing gaming experience. There are a few PC games that you should have a look at if you are getting bored being at home:


Rage 2 wants you to be a better, faster, and more chaotic killer. There are targets that you dispatch in an inevitable shower of viscera. You can use a vast number of weapons with your Rage 2 Nanotrite abilities. Thus, you become a force more dangerous than any other being. You get to Overdrive, which makes you an overpowering force that reloads your guns faster. Also, you get to replenish your health quickly too.


You can deal with a few rats without jumping tables and scream in a gentle tone. Imagine a large horde of rats congealed together. Imagine you around a large number of shrills and rats squeaking wherever you go. A wealthy teenager named Amicia de Rune has to navigate through the plague-carrying rats and get on her way to meet her younger brother in France. The game is set somewhere around 1930 to 1940. The game has a lot of adventure and mystery solving aspects to offer to gamers.


The game is set in the fictional Tokyo district of the Yakuza. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is out the most hardcore keyboard and mouse gaming experience. The game is a remaster sequel of the 2nd action-packed RPG game. Kiryu Kazama is struggling to leave his old life behind but gets back into the game once again. And this time he is even better


Imperator: Roma is one of the daunting strategy game with heavy battle scenes that challenge you, that give you insights on your mass conflict progress. You start off being a Roman emperor in a timeline set 450 years after Romulus kills his brother Remus. You have to use your knowledge and wisdom to run the vast imperial regime. You have to use your diplomatic instincts, organize your troops, and manage your empire at a micro-level.


The game comes back to life from the 11th edition of one of the most notorious games that give you the deadliest moves, finishing moves, fatalities, and make your opponent suffer a horrific death. Hence, the game has kept the traditions along with a few trash talks with your opponents. The new PC game is again the best fighting game in the series. MK 11 is more tactical with single-player and multiplayer features. The game also allows you to get modifiers, unlocking features and characters.

ANNO 1800

The game is set during the Industrial Revolution where the world started to have some really rich enhancements in architecture and technology. But the era was not so good for people who were not privileged at all. Anno 1800 gives you a chance to revise history as a liberator or a corrupted conqueror or leader. You can play in the campaign mode, multiplayer and sandbox modes and prove your might. So revive your innovator and resourceful individual to create your version of the Industrial Revolution.


The game is part of a series of sequels, crossovers, and spin-offs. The original game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy remains one of the most straightforward and cohesive collections of games as far as visual novels and visual novel series are concerned. The game is part of a courtroom storyline where you present evidence, get dismissed by the judge, cross-examination, and other aspects of courtroom proceedings. However, Capcom has tried to give gamers a realistic touch of the courtroom and different aspects of the proceedings.


PC games are always fun to play with the old fashioned mouse and keyboards. However, gaming consoles also offer users with some kickass gaming experience. These are our recommendations for people who fancy PC gamers who love to play games. Check out the above-mentioned games and let us know how you feel about them. I would suggest that you should go for my personal favorite MK 11 and feel the burn and chill of your favorite Mortal Kombat matchups and fights.

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