Creative Gifts for Children

Some children make buying gifts easy; other children make you think long and hard about what to get for them. Even if they’ve made a list for a special occasion, at times it’s nice to give more than the usual toys or games or clothing. Here are some suggestions for creative gifts for the children in your life.

Keepsake and Heirloom Gifts

Gifts that can last a lifetime or be handed down to the next generation have become less popular in the last decade or so, but they are no less special. For girls, consider an heirloom-quality dress that will make them feel like a princess. For boys, how about a starter set of collector cards, such as baseball or Pokémon? Gifts such as a personalized birthday book for child could be appreciated by any gender, as well as personalized journals, posters, or clothing. But make sure the gift suits the child’s taste first, or no amount of personalization will make them like it!

Handmade Gifts for Children

Making a gift for a child might help them to feel really special. Handmade quilts and afghans are fine examples; a hand-carved wooden toy would be as well. Or perhaps the child is the kind of person who wants an elaborate, fairytale cake – then the cake itself is the gift! Handmade clothing or art would also be a wonderful idea; just be sure the child will like the color and style.

Crafting and Doing Gifts

Many children like to make things or do things. If the child in your life is a curious type, consider getting them a science experiment kit, a do-it-yourself model of their favorite starship, a recipe kit for baking, or get creative and put your own crafting kit together. There are literally hundreds of types of crafts, and surely at least one will suit the child in question.

Gifts for Living

At certain ages, children want to change the way their rooms look to better suit their growing sense of self. Giving them the gift of a room makeover with fresh paint and décor, or new furniture and accessories could really make them happy not just for one special occasion but for months and years to come.

Hopefully, you are now armed with some great leads to follow up in your search for the perfect gift. Take your time and enjoy your hunt, and the gift will be all the sweeter for it.