With the legalization of marijuana in Canada, many different ways to ingest your THC have become available. Depending on why you’re using cannabis you might choose to take your dose in multiple different formats. Here are 4 ways you could get your high and why you might choose that format.

Vape It

If you’re going for ease of access, but you don’t particularly like the longevity of the high you get from an edible, you might be looking to vape. Products such as the Volcano vaporizer in Canada are a great way to inhale your marijuana without the harsh side effects that you might get from the smoke. Vaporizers have easy setup and you can get your high as easily as pushing a button and inhaling.

Eat It

Especially for consumers using weed to treat different health-related ailments, smoke can be harsh. If you’re looking for an easy way to ingest cannabis, you might be looking for an edible. Edibles come in many formats including baked goods, candies, dried fruits, and beverages. Canadian edibles come labeled with exact THC amounts giving you complete control over how much you take. Be aware, an edible high can take longer to take effect but will last for much longer than the effects of inhaled marijuana.

Dab It

For our new wave Canadian smokers that are looking to get the most out of every hit, a great option is going with concentrates. Using a dab rig will give you the ability to smoke wax or shatter, the most highly concentrated form on marijuana. This method can give you a high return on the amount of product you buy, but you’ll be spending a little more money for the amount of product you get. Dabbing can also be a bit harsher, so it’s best not to go this route if you’re worried about coughing.

Smoke It

Maybe you’re more of an old-school personality and you want the classic high that comes from smoking a joint or hitting a pipe. Perks of this format include being able to regulate the amount you ingest, as you can ingest a small amount at a time and feel the effects quickly, and getting the full flavor of your different smokables. To get the most out of your marijuana try using a grinder to break your product up before you smoke.

If you can’t pick one way to ingest your cannabis product, you could always try them all out until you find your favorite.