Being two is a time where learning and fun are one and the same. Check out this list of seven great education gift ideas for two-year-old boys.

1. Personalized Learning Books

While books of any sort are a great gift idea for toddlers, personalized books for boys can be used for teaching your little ones about milestones in life while letting be the main character. This makes the story more relatable to your little one and gives them more practice with recognizing, pronouncing and spelling their name.

2. Building Blocks

A classic toy loved by children of many ages, building blocks of various types allow two-year-olds to familiarize themselves with colors, work on their motor skills, and use their imagination. Of course, half the fun comes with knocking down their creation.

3. Stack and Sort Board

Stack and sort boards help kids work on their color and shape recognition by allowing them to sort and organize items. It’s a simple concept but is a great toy for helping toddlers put their problem-solving skills to use.

4. Art Supplies Gift Ideas

Two-years-old is the prime time for children to start drawing, painting, crafting and anything else that allows them to let their artistic side shine. To make life easier on mom and dad, consider gifting reusable stickers and no-mess art supplies that stick on the paper but not the walls.

5. Puzzles

Puzzles of any sort are sure to capture a little one’s attention for hours of fun. Wooden puzzles are great for learning new vocabulary words, shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. Picture puzzles are a great family activity that older kids can join in on.

6. Imagination Play Sets

From chef suits with play food items to little scrubs with doctor supplies, two-year-olds love to use their imagination and pretend play. Pair dress up items with other toys for the most immersive experience.

7. Building Bath Pipes

Building bath pipes are a unique way to help the two-year-old you love enjoy bath time and learn while doing it. All they need to do is arrange the pipes how they want, suction them to a shower wall, and pour in some water. Children love to watch the water pour through the pipes until it splashes back into the tub.

From enjoying time reading and doing puzzles together with family to learning how to draw and build, these gift ideas are all great ways to encourage children to discover the world and develop their always-expanding list of skills.