It may seem like an odd time for travel tips, but when this is all over, you’ll want to get out and see the world again. Our guest blogger shares some tips on how to do just that. 

We all know the value of travel. It gives you the opportunity to experience new cultures, explore breath-taking landscapes or just time to relax in the sun. Unfortunately, these trips come at a cost and not all of us are lucky enough to enjoy bottomless pockets. However, with the 5 tips below you can easily make your budget stretch and have the opportunity to visit your dream travel destinations!

#1 Airport parking

Parking your car at your departure airport can take a significant chunk out of your travel budget, but by using a comparison website you can find some great savings. Websites, such as, make it simple to find the best prices. If you are looking for London Gatwick parking for example, you enter your travel dates and can filter further on the results page. Choose to look only for a certain parking type (shuttle services usually offer the best value) or just filter by price from the cheapest to the most expensive option. Parkhero doesn’t charge a booking fee and you can make your booking in minutes without having to create an account. However, even when using a comparison site, make sure to book as far in advance as you can. This will ensure you always find the best prices.

#2 Accommodation Travel Tips

One of the best ways to save money on accommodation without having to compromise on quality and facilities is to plan when you are going to make your booking. It is always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible, but if you haven’t managed this then you should make your booking outside of the peak booking times. Most people book their holidays when they have free time at the weekend, whereas if you book mid-week, prices are often lower. With fewer people online, companies reduce prices in an effort to encourage more bookings. You should also make sure you search in your browser’s incognito mode. This ensures that your activity cannot be tracked.

Another tip is to plan your holiday to avoid the weekend where possible. If you can, begin your holiday between Tuesday and Thursday. This is when you will often find both the cheapest accommodation and flight offers, as most people want to make the most of their holiday leave and begin their holiday at the weekend.

#3 take a bus

While it may not be the most comfortable or quickest way to travel, taking a bus to your holiday destination is a guaranteed way to save money. On every continent you will find some great bus connections, such as Flixbus’s rapidly expanding network in Europe, offering seats at less than half the price of taking the plane or a train. Taking the bus is also a fantastic opportunity to explore somewhere along the way. You could stay the night somewhere and split your trip into two legs, especially if you plan to take a long journey. You could even stop off somewhere different on the way back! Again, it is best to book in advance to find the best prices and make sure to sign up for company mailing lists for regular offers and discounts.

#4 Food and Drink Travel Tips

If you opted for self-catered accommodation, then saving on food couldn’t be easier. You just need to head to the nearest local supermarket and stock up. It is a wonderful opportunity to try local flavors without having to break the bank! Make your own breakfasts, take packed lunches and with your savings, you could still eat out every evening. If you are staying in a hotel, it can be to your advantage to opt for the all-inclusive option if possible. However, make sure to research the cost of eating out in the area where you are staying and compare it with the all-inclusive costs. Day menus at lunchtime are another fail-safe way to save money, while still enjoying high-quality local food. In countries such as Spain and Italy, you will easily find a fantastic range of such options for as little as 10 euros for a two or three-course meal including a drink!

Free entry

Before you travel, make sure to research what you can do for free at your destination. There are plenty of resources online, such as blogs and travel guides that will tell you exactly where you can go without having to pay a cent. In some countries, such as the UK, all museums have free entry, whereas in others entry is free after a certain time, on certain dates or for certain groups of people. You will also find some really useful advice about discount cards, which while not free can bag you some significant discounts.

Follow the advice above and you will have a fantastic trip without spending a fortune!