Visas are often required if a person wants to visit or live in a foreign country for an extended period of time (usually for more than three months). There are a variety of ways to obtain a Visa to live, work, or visit the United States. One type of Visa is an Investor Visa. Keep reading to learn how to obtain an Investor Visa and how it can help you become a US citizen.

Make the Initial Investment

The first thing a person needs to do to obtain an Investor Visa in the United States is to make an initial investment. Firstly, the investor should decide where they want to make an investment. This should be based on where they want to live as well. It should also be near a lawyer that specializes in visas. One simple way to find a place like this is to Google something like “investor visas Houston tx” but with wherever you would want to live.

Once you find a place to live, it’s time to make your investment. Depending on whether the area is rural or not, the investment needs to be at least worth $500,000 to $1,000,000 USD. The money requirement is this high because the government wants the investment to be able to provide at least ten full-time jobs to US residents.

File a Petition for a Permanent Green Card

The investor will need to file an EB-5 petition, which will give the investor and their family conditional green cards. Within two years of this being approved, the investor MUST then provide proof that their investment has actually provided ten or more jobs. If the evidence provided proves this, then the conditional green card will be changed to a permanent green card.

Apply for US Citizenship

After an immigrant investor has had their permanent green card for five years or more, they are legally allowed to file for permanent citizenship in the United States. However, they are not required to do this. Once citizenship is granted (usually after a series of tests and filing certain paperwork) the immigrant investor will have all of the same privileges and rights as any other American citizen!

If you are a rich immigrant who wants to live in the United States, then investing in a new business is one of the best ways to do so legally. This can both help to create new jobs in the United States and make a great case for your potential citizenship.