Your roof has to withstand many things. It shelters you against any extreme weather conditions and keeps your home safe. For any roof to be durable and robust, you can check for any leaks time and again. Even a small leak or distortion on your rooftop can cause huge dysfunctionality and might cost you a fortune. You can resort to the best roof repairs for problems in your roofing systems and control the situation before it goes from bad to worse.

Maintaining your roof is essential and requires a lot of effort. If you do not have much time for the maintenance of your roof, you can choose from various roof profiles that are easy to maintain. It is good to know multiple roof profiles so that you can pick one that suits your budget and lifestyle. Here is a rundown of 7 roofing systems that might serve your needs.


1.   Corrugated steel roofs

Repetitive folds in the metal sheets form a corrugated roof profile. Due to this unique shape, this setting becomes extremely strong and durable. The alternation of ridge and grooves provides for variations structures such as deep corrugated panels, rib and pan panels, etc. These types of roofing profiles have high strength as there is a concentration of large amounts of metal in a small covered area. Also, offering sustainability the corrugated steel roofs, are eco-friendly and last for years when galvanized with a zinc coating. When coated with primer paint, and a PVC rolling this roofing lasts up to 30 years. They are weather-resistant and ideal for roofs, such that of a garage, patio, porches, and sheds they require minimum maintenance.



2.   Standing seam copper roofing

Mostly used as a permanent roof in many residential as well as commercial buildings, most standing seam metal roofs last for more than 50 years. All standing seam roofings are less prone to leakage. However, copper roofing comes with an added advantage of being uniform. Hence they are better for wet and snowy climates. They reflect thermal energy, so your home stays warmer in cold weather and cools down during summers. The standing seam copper roofing can withstand extreme conditions such as strong winds and hailstorms, making it apt for all weather conditions. You can go for a snap-lock panel that interjoins with each other and does not require any fastener. As one piece of installation, they barely require any maintenance as there are no cracks in the fixer.

3.   Trapezoidal profile sheet

Any roof that has a pitch greater than 5 degrees is apt for a trapezoidal profile. The corrugation in these types of a profile is in the shape of a trapezoid, which overlaps each other from sides as well as ends. Installation is easy as they can widely cover any area quickly. Their upfront cost is low as they are usually made of steel or sometimes aluminum. These sheets come with mastic seals that can be used from end to end. Either used as a single sheet installation or as an external covering to a built-in roof, they are a lightweight roofing option and idealistic for a wide range of roof systems both residential and commercial.

4.   Solar tiles

If you want to reduce carbon footprint as well as go for a roofing system that can provide for long term savings then you can go for solar tiles. Performing better than the conventional roofing materials, they can withstand hail and winds better than other sunroof installations. The building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) provides for aesthetics and better airflow as they do not bolt to the rooftop. There is a huge variety of solar tiles available in the market, though they are a bit expensive but the long term cost-effectiveness is making them very popular.

5.   Diamond-shaped roofing

The gathered pile on your roof decays and collects the moisture rotting the surface of the roof. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of your roof become a crucial task. The good news is all the debris on your diamond shape roofing slides down, and there is no piling on the roof. The diamond roofing profiles are apt for a slanting roof. You can go for this type of profiling in various metals, depending on your needs and budget. They not only provide for an aesthetic value to your home but also require minimum maintenance.



6.   Vinyl slate tiles roofing

Another roofing system that requires low maintenance is vinyl shingles roofing. Vinyl slate comes in various sizes from 8 inches to 24 inches, therefore, you can choose an appropriate size to bring out the beauty of your roof’s architect. Vinyl shingles are highly durable and might last for more than 100 years. You can go for a synthetic version of vinyl roofing, which is comparatively less expensive and lighter than original vinyl tiles.

7.   Profiled polycarbonate sheets

The polycarbonate in the roofing sheet offers durability, resistance to fire, and also makes it withstanding against extreme temperatures. A profiled or corrugated polycarbonate sheets turn durable and strong against cracks and damages. There are a plethora of polycarbonate sheets available in the market, such as corrosive inhibition, ultraviolet protection, and stability. A profile hardly requires any maintenance and is ideal for your gazebos, porch, leisure rooms, etc.

The thing with roof maintenance is that it requires continuous care. Before you make an installation of your roof, it is good to be well informed so you can make a better decision.

Jessica Smith Is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. She focuses on sharing ideas and techniques learned from his experience as an Interior Decorator in a concise manner so that it can be used by everyone to make their surroundings beautiful to live in. Currently, She’s working as a Roofing Contractor.

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