If you are looking at opening a restaurant, one of the most important things to think about is the kitchen. This is the foundation for your place that will make it succeed or cause it to go under. Here are four areas to think about when setting up your commercial kitchen.


A working kitchen can only work if it has the right tools. There are several necessities that are needed for a kitchen to be able to function. Dishes cannot bake without an oven. Food cannot be fried, grilled, or sautéed without a stovetop. Commercial refrigerators are needed to keep the food fresh and preserved, while freezers are required for a variety of items. There are several other appliances that a kitchen can use, but these are some of the most important ones.


Many do not realize that once a dish has been dirtied or a pan has been used, someone or something must exist to clean it. Dishwashers, whether they be machines or human hands, are required if a kitchen wants to continuously supply food to customers. Even if your kitchen is state of the art with every cleaning and drying appliance available to buy, you will still need workers to oversee it. They will most likely need to load the machines and inspect the dishes when they come out.

Commercial Kitchen Supplies

A kitchen cannot make food if there is no food to make dishes with. There should be stocking and supplying routines in place that meet the needs of your restaurant. If you are known for a certain dish, make sure you have enough that would ensure you never run out. While you may have busier days than others, you should do all that you can to make sure you never run out of something in your pantry. Whatever you have on the menu should be able to be made no matter the time of day.


The best way for a kitchen to operate smoothly and flawlessly is to have standard rules and practices in place. Each worker should know who’s in charge and what their job is. Placing them in specified stations is the best way to see that dishes are completed, and no one is in each other’s way. Have the workers shift their positions throughout the week where possible so that no one gets tired of bored of doing the exact same thing.

People are coming to your restaurant to eat. If your kitchen is not in order, your dishes will not be created at the best level they could be.