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There is a lot of panic out there, and you’ve probably heard from just about everyone about how they are responding to COVID 19. So I won’t repeat all of their advice: 

Oops. I did share some of that advice. Sorry. Force of habit by now. 

First, all in-person events that are scheduled are still happening, but audiences may be limited, and that may change at any time. Stay tuned to this page or follow me on social media to keep posted. 

Here is what I will say. Probably the most devastating effects of this situation will be to small businesses in your area who don’t operate with the margins that big stores and companies do. This probably includes your local writer friends, who often work other day jobs for a living so they can continue to create and your local independent bookstore. 

If you love those businesses, here is some advice for you to help them if you can. 

That being said, I know better than most what it is like to be broke, and unable to afford basic needs let alone books and entertainment or supporting local businesses. Maybe you own one of those businesses or you are a creator who works a day job and struggles to make ends meet.

I’ve been there. I still am from time to time. So I have something for you. 

In support of anyone who is suffering either financially, physically, or both from COVID 19, click on one of the links below to get any of the books listed there for FREE in digital format. I only ask one thing in return: that you subscribe to my newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time, even right away. 

But as I do all the time, but especially over the next month, I will be sharing about free or sale priced eBooks to help you fill your time without breaking the bank. 

I always appreciate book reviews too, so if you read my work and enjoy it, feel free to leave a review or even email me with what you think.

Of course, I also have one FREE story a week, every week, on my blog for the next year. Check out the Solitaire Series, and keep up without spending a dime.  

If you are one of those who are doing just fine through this crisis, please purchase books from the author of your choice. 

Remember, we’re all in this together, and we don’t want the crisis to pass only to find it swallowed some of our favorite businesses and people in the meantime. Stay safe, care for yourself, and care for others whenever you get a chance.  

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