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Six of Diamonds

“Are you kidding me? Six of diamonds?”

The card sat face up on the green felt with two still upside-down underneath it.

“No, sir. Six of diamonds it is.” The dealer’s vest stretched over his belly, and the buttons strained to keep it closed. It had probably been two sizes too small two years ago. On top of his shoulders and a neck replaced by a gigantic second chin, sat a round face with a neatly trimmed beard. The top of his head was shaved clean, male pattern baldness revealed in the stubble.

“I don’t have time for a six of anything. I have a flight to catch. Re-deal.”

“That’s against the rules, sir.”

“Screw the rules. You know what I do for this organization?”

“I’m fully aware, sir.”

Beady eyes looked at him coldly, and Stephan knew he as screwed. He could do this job or be censured.

That wasn’t an option.

“Fine,” he said and scooped up the card. It’s not like I wanted to start the year on a good note anyway.”

“Have a fine day, sir. See you again soon.”

Stephan didn’t reply. Instead, he strode with purpose across the casino. As he did, he pulled his phone from his pocket.

“Yes,” he said when a mechanical voice answered. “I need to reschedule a flight.”

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