If you are planning to use DIY curtain rods to hang your outdoor curtains, you will first need to prepare yourself well. Start with the tools and materials required to make the outdoor curtain rod. The list should include:

The steps to follow to design the DIY outdoor curtain rod are:

Lastly, hang the outdoor curtain drapes on the curtain rod. That’s it! It is a simple DIY method to ensure privacy by hanging outdoor curtains onto your deck.

Use bamboo curtain rods

You can even use bamboo poles to hang your outdoor curtains from your wood gazebo, porch, deck, or patio, provided you have a wood frame in it to attach these poles to. This will ensure that the bamboo poles do not fall in the wind since the cup hooks will hold the rods in place.

The curtains will slide freely on the bamboo pole and push them tightly back against the gazebo frame.

Installing the DIY outdoor curtain rod

When you install the curtain rod, hide it behind the beams, if you have two beams on your patio. If the rods are short, place it on the main beams like a hanger. If it is long, hang the hangers a couple of inches from the top slats for perfect placement.

Lastly, fix the curtain rod clips on each of the rods to clip the curtains up. It will be easy to take these down in winter.

The best fabrics to choose from

On the off chance that you are thinking about what kind of fabric you ought to decide for your open-air window curtains, you can evaluate those splendid and rolling textures that will give your porch or pergola living space an alternate vibe that will take after an extraordinary retreat.

On the off chance that you need to give your pergola comfortable niche making a porch or a parcel in it, you can utilize a texture that will make a private alcove where you can withdraw and unwind with a cool beverage and a decent book on a blistering summer evening.

There are various kinds of open-air drapery to look over to make your outside blinds that will assist you with creating:

You can hang these anyplace and there is nothing better than DIY drapes. With respect to the textures you can pick one of the accompanyings:

You can likewise pick acrylic as a colorfast arrangement or textures woven from olefin yarns that are delicate, lightweight, and amazingly sturdy.

At the point when you select your fabric for the open-air curtain think about the structural system. Likewise ensure that the texture obstructs the sun, creates privacy and upgrades the temperament.

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