Hookah has become quite popular lately, and today our contributing author talks about how you can get started and smoke like a pro.

You might have heard of hookah but don’t understand how it works. Smoking hookah is trendy in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world. However, the practice dates back to the 15th century among the Hindus. A global survey indicates that around 1 billion people know what hookah is, and about 100 million people use it daily.

A possible explanation of the skyrocketing number of hookah users is the increasing legalization of cannabis products. Weed is now accessible easily thanks to online platforms that deliver the products to your home. You can visit weedsmart and get yourself high-quality weed.

But for a beginner, mastering the skill of hookah isn’t easy. First, you’ll need to know the essential parts of the device and how to set it up. With this guide, you’ll be soon on your way to becoming a master.

What is Hookah?

Simply put, hookah, narghile, or shisha is a water pipe that people use to smoke various substances, including tobacco and weed. What makes hookah stand out is that you can combine the smoking substance with sweet flavors like chocolate. The device consists of many components that enable it to work efficiently.

How Does Hookah Work?


A hookah consists of several components. The primary components include a metal body, water bowl, flexible hose that has a mouthpiece, and a head that has holes in the bottom.

The device uses burning charcoal to heat the weed or tobacco and water. The smoke generated moves through the mixture through the pipe to the mouthpieces.

Hookah is different from cigarettes in terms of usage and composition of the smoking substance. Smoking cigarettes involves putting the cigar in your mouth and lighting one end to start taking puffs. Smoking hookah involves heating the smoking materials using a water pipe. One can buy high quality hookah flavors from weed vape store near their vicinity.

To understand better how a hookah works, you need to be familiar with its components and how to tweak the variables involved in the process.

Essential Components of Hookah

Here are the components of a hookah you need to start smoking:

  • The bowl holds the smokable substances.
  • The jar or the base holds water.
  • Shaft and stem. Smoke travels through these parts to reach the water.
  • Hose and mouthpiece. Allow the smoke to travel to your mouth.
  • Flavor enhancers. Adds flavor to the smoking materials.
  • Charcoal screen. Separates the shisha from coal.
  • Source of heat.
  • Pair of tongs.

Balancing the above variables will help you achieve a successful smoking session. Using quality products and parts will help to avoid functionality issues that will interfere with the overall results.

How to Set up Your Hookah

If you are using a new hookah, then you should start by testing it to confirm that it’s functional. Here’s how to test the hookah.

  • Fix the stem with the vase gasket on the vase, ensuring that the fitting is airtight.
  • Properly fit the tray on top of the shank or stem.
  • Fix the hose gasket to the hose port on the stem.
  • If your model has an air release valve, you need to open it and confirm it has a ball bearing inside. Close the valve.
  • Test the airflow of the device. First, put your hand on over the hookah stem and suck in through the hose. If the hookah functions properly, there should be a slight or no air intake. If it comes with a check valve, try to blow with the hose with your hand still on the step. If it expels air out via the check valve, the device is functional.

NB: If you are experiencing challenges, then you need to seek expert advice. You can contact the manufacturer. But if you get good airflow, then you should proceed to use the hookah in the following way.

Step 1

Disconnect the stem from the vase. Put water into the jar and fix back the stem on the vase. Make sure that the stem dips about an inch into the water.

If you are using a smaller hookah, use cold water. You can even add some ice cubes to produce cool smoke. But if you are using a bigger hookah, then tap water is fine.

Step 2

Break the material you want to use, be it weed or tobacco, and gently place them on the bowl. Be sure not to overpack the bowl because the smoke needs to travel through the holes.

Step 3

If the hookah uses a metal screen, then you only need to place it over the bowl. But if you’ll be using tin foil to cover the bowl, carefully wrap it on the bowl. Use a perforator to poke small holes on the foil.

Alternatively, use a tiny sharp object to poke holes on the foil with a high concentration on the center and let the holes spread to other parts. This will allow the heat, which is high at the center, to pass through the holes to the bowl.

Step 4

Fix the bowl over the stem with the bowl gasket between the bowl and the stem.

Step 5

Hold the coal using a pair of tongs and light using a lighter. Alternatively, you can use a gas heater or a torch to heat the coal. Once the coal turns red, place it over the clay bowl. You can break the coal into small pieces and spread them on the head to eat the substances evenly. But be careful not to overheat.

Step 6

After a few minutes, inhale through the mouthpiece on the hose. Enjoy!


Hookahs are common nowadays. Adding your favorite flavor to the hookah gives it a delicious taste. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of flavors you can choose from. But make sure not to use an excess flavor that will dilute the smoking substance.

Setting up hookah isn’t as hard as you might think. However, it’s a skill that needs consistent practice for one to become a pro. The process is easy. You only need to follow the above steps carefully to ensure that you do everything correctly. Once you set up the hookah, you can start smoking within a few minutes.