When choosing a vehicle, there are many different options to consider. From selecting an automobile that has space for you and your loved ones, to deciding what is best for your wallet, choosing a vehicle can be one of the most difficult decisions of modern life. Below is a list of preferences that should be considered when purchasing an automobile, and why an SUV may be the best option for you.

Economics of an SUV vs. a Sedan

Although sedans can be somewhat cheaper, an SUV can be the best deal between cost and functionality. While not near as expensive as most trucks, SUVs can also be within the same price range as most modern sedans, while providing you with much more passenger capacity. This can help you save unnecessary expenses in the long run, like having to pay moving or hauling companies.

SUV vs. Sedan Space

The most apparent benefit of an SUV compared to a sedan or coupe is the dramatic increase in the room. Most SUVs offer drastically more space than their counterparts, and this can have effects not only on how many people your vehicle can hold but also how you feel inside of it, giving you extreme levels of comfort compared to smaller cars.


The reliability of a vehicle largely depends on the make and model, as well as the maintenance and care it receives over time. SUVs are built with substantially more expensive for the manufacturer and contain parts that are usually more reliable.

Most SUV engines have much higher capacity than sedans, and their shocks and transmission systems are usually built to withstand heavier strain for longer timespans. This increase in reliability of the machinery means that owners can have more confidence in their vehicle, as well as an increased lifespan for the automobile.

Fuel Efficiency

Although not usually the first thing people will look for in an SUV, fuel efficiency for larger vehicles is increasing day by day as the auto industry develops new technology and solutions to meet the needs of modern society. SUVs, while providing some of the same hauling and towing capacities, can be dramatically more fuel-efficient than trucks, and can even meet the same fuel efficiency as some cars within the same price range.


SUVs provide both luxury and comfort, while still maintaining the functionality of trucks and off-road vehicles. They are available in all-wheel or 4-wheel drive, enabling them to be used in many scenarios, and can provide an increase in height from the ground, giving them usability in many areas that a car would not be able to travel to.


The functions of SUVs far outpace their sedan and coupe counterparts, with the increase in towing capacity and hauling space. There are 7 seater SUVs that can provide ample family space, as well as SUVs that can have massive towing capabilities, being able to haul boats and any other motor toys that your family may have.

Motives and Values

The motives and values associated with choosing an SUV over a car are simple: family and usefulness. SUVs are substantially better for large families; along with this, they can be used for far-reaching purposes, providing their owners with something more than a way to get from A to B

Although there are many things to think about when choosing a vehicle, SUVs can be an incredible middle option for those who want the cost-benefit of owning a car, while keeping the functionality and hauling capacity of larger vehicles.

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