You probably realize that there is a lot of electronic waste around. Many devices become obsolete after just a few years as new and improved ones are put on the market. While you may be a bit intimidated when you think about electronic recycling, you can start out slowly and it will soon get easier. For instance, start with one of the smallest electronic devices you are likely to replace every couple of years.

What To Do When Recycling a Smartphone

When trying to salvage an old smartphone after purchasing a newer model, consider the method used to discard it—you may want to take it to a recycling center. Before tossing that device in the trash, here are some tips to consider as you check out cell phone recycling.

Keep That Information Backed Up

Prior to recycling, remember that all of your personal information, photos, and possibly credit card data can be stored on your device. Privacy and environmental risks can be a significant concern for companies that recycle devices into the used smartphone market. Remember to back up your data before starting to use your new device, and then wipe the information on the old one before handing it over to a recycling center.

Remove the SIM Card

SIM cards contain sensitive and unique information, such as your contacts’ names and phone numbers. The SIM card can be destroyed after removal in order to ensure the safety of personal information. Prior to recycling, it might be helpful to remove the SIM card, which is located in a different position depending on the device.

Don’t Forget About the Smartphone Battery

Lithium-ion batteries can be highly toxic if not properly recycled. Many recycling centers will accept batteries, so even if you have only replaced the battery in a device, consider contacting a center near you and making arrangements for the battery’s proper disposal.

Be Mindful of E-Waste

When cell phones are not recycled, they often end up in a landfill. Thanks to cell phone recycling companies, many of the devices end up in the hands of new users. It is a good idea to ask the recycling company about its disposal practices. You can choose a business whose views match your own.

Global Impact

The steps to getting rid of an old device can be confusing. However, by recycling your device, your impact on the Earth and the amount of e-waste produced can be lessened.

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