Few people relish the experience of visiting the dentist. For many, there is actually fear about having someone poke around their mouths even if they need serious care. Choosing a dentist though doesn’t have to be a scary or uninformed decision. This guide can help you choose one that you may even like visiting.


One of the first places people start searching for a Dorval dentist is through their insurance company’s list of in-network providers. While not everyone has dental insurance, if you do, this is a good place to start especially if moving to a new area. The last thing you want to do is pay out-of-network benefits when you do have insurance. Often dental insurance covers the cost of two cleanings per year plus one set of x-rays. Typically, additional procedures are at a reduced rate saving you precious dollars. Sometimes you have to pay out of pocket regardless of whether you have insurance, so be sure they accept your preferred payment method.


Whether you choose to use a recommendation from a friend or go through the insurance website, you want to choose a dentist that has the availability you need. The last thing you want is to drive across town to visit the dentist during rush hour. Choose instead one that is within a few miles of your office, home or route in-between. This makes visiting the dentist less of a chore. Pick one that has hours convenient for your life which includes work schedules and any other commitments.


You want a dentist that has the professional qualifications to ensure your oral health is in good hands. Most medical professionals display their credentials on their office walls from degrees to specialty certifications. Many also include these items on the about pages on their websites. Check these out to get an idea of their experience. Maybe you need one that sees children and adults or one that offers orthodontic services. Make sure they have those qualifications before visiting.


Ultimately, you want a dentist you feel comfortable visiting. Even if you loathe visiting the dentist, someone who is patient and kind can make the experience less daunting. During that first consultation, take time to ask questions and get a feel for both the dentist and their staff. A great dentist with inconsiderate staff doesn’t make for a good experience.


Take a few minutes to do a little research on the dentist before making an appointment. The additional time spent is often well worth the effort. Schedule that first visit when you are ready and enjoy a beautiful, healthier smile.