Proficient accountants with impeccable accounting skills have the ability to track the income and expenditures of a firm effectively and ensure its sustainability, often by using accounting software.

As a means to improve one’s hold on the application of accounting successfully, accountants are required to possess a fair idea of the professional practicalities.

Additionally, they need to be aware of which software and tools would prove efficient in facilitating the same.

Top accounting software in India

Technical skills are one of the major qualities that an ideal accountant must have to excel in their profession. To ensure accountants are well-equipped in this aspect; they should make use of upgraded accounting software.

Here’s a list of the top accounting software in India –


One of the widely-used accounting software in India, Tally, is favored by both small and medium-scale firms. The said software not only enhances accounting skills but also helps master associated arenas like sales, inventory, payroll, and purchases.

Also, its updated versions help track all changes related to GST regulations and further helps identify errors made during filing.

Zoho Books

Using potent accounting software is one of the secrets to make one’s CA firm stand out from the rest.

Working with software like Zoho Books would prove immensely helpful in the fulfillment of the same owing to its several features and associated benefits.

Being GST-compliant software, it makes the task of online expense reporting faster and easier. Also, it helps streamline the process of creating an expense report and helps to ease the pressure of the tax-season.

Netsuite ERP

Currently, it is one of the most preferred cloud-based ERP software that helps to manage the financial processes of a firm.

It also helps to gain valuable insight into the firm’s overall performance. For example, the software enables better management and automation of areas like finance, invoices, orders, revenue, billing, eCommerce and CRM. Its feature of revenue recognition helps CA firms with compliance and scheduling.

Chartered accountants who are planning to start their CA firm should make it a point to include software as proficient as this one to ensure sustainability and success of the same.

Consequently, to ensure budget constraint does not act as an obstruction to incorporate such tools, individuals can avail a Loan for Chartered Accountants from trusted NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv.

Profit Books

Designed specifically for small firms, this cloud-based software not just helps one to enhance their accounting skills but also helps manage the overall activities of the firm.

To elaborate, by using this software, accountants would be able to track accounts receivables and lifespan of inventory proficiently.

It will also help them to avail a thorough tax report and manage payments online more efficiently. It further helps streamline other aspects like logistics packaging, etc. among others.


The use of proficient accounting software is among the steps to grow an accounting firm easily. Quickbooks is one of such software that would be recommended to accounting firm owners.

The said software helps to avail extensive reports like profit and loss account, cash flow and balance statement. Also, the ease with which it can be accessed on iOS and Android would make the process of tracking accounting transactions easier.


Deemed as one of the leading portfolio management software for investors, financial advisers, CAs, traders and financial corporates, MProfit is a popular tool that enhances accounting skills.

It not just helps automate the process of portfolio management and posting transaction-oriented entries but also simplifies the entire process. Accountants who use Mprofit avail easy to understand reports on budgeting, investment and loan, and advances.

Book Keeper

Book Keeper is one of the easiest to use accounting software that is available on iOS, Windows, and Android.

It helps manage financial invoices and inventory, monitor expenses and track transactions. In short, it can be said it aids not just in accounting but also facilitates expense management, inventory management, manufacturing management, expense tracking activities of the firm.

Besides these, there is other software that helps accountants polish their accounting skills. Regardless, they should pay special attention to that software that not just helps them update their learning but also helps them enhance the quality of their professional experience in general.