So you recently got a flat-screen television for your apartment. 

But there’s an issue ― you’re not sure what to do with the empty space surrounding your television. 

Don’t stress! 

We have some great tricks for you in this article. 

Are you ready to put your creative hat on and soak up these ideas? After applying these design hacks, your TV is going to blend in with the decor perfectly.

And, your new arrangement won’t be a visual distraction when you’re glued to the tube.

1. Add an Artwork Gallery 

If you have a dark-colored wall, putting your TV against it will make the big screen slightly fade. But when you watch a movie, your TV will come to life as opposed to fade in the background. 

One way to complement a TV is by adding several art pieces around the screen. 

To gather art pieces around the screen, however, you need to have enough art. You could use your own personal photography or a series of prints from a favorite artist. And, you don’t have to frame anything if you want to keep the cost down. 

When you have a large enough collection to fill the wall, start by hanging the pictures above the television.

After placing pictures directly above your TV, continue placing the artwork. You can add the artwork by going up, out, and down near the TV screen.  

Your art collection will no doubt look incredible by your flat-screen TV. 

2. Create a Symmetrical Arrangement

Arranging things symmetrically balances your interior decorating. 

Create a symmetrical design around your television by placing similar decor elements on both sides.

This trick is the perfect way to fill white space on the wall. And, it won’t distract you from watching a favorite television show. 

No one wants to miss a midseason finale when your favorite doctor saves the hero’s life! 

You can create the perfect design so you can enjoy your show and decor simultaneously. 

If you center your TV on a console or floating above it, place it between two visual elements.

The sections can be two vases of flowers, for example. Or, you could stack a few books and display them on each side of the TV. 

Symmetrical arrangements look clean and well organized. It’s an excellent way to display your flat-screen TV.

3. Convert an Entertainment Center Into a Console Table

If you have a flat-screen television (which most of us do), you can still use your old school entertainment center. 

By old school, we mean entertainment centers that used to hold large box televisions. You weren’t able to hang this type of TV. It was way too heavy and massive!

Now, if you still have one, there’s no shame in that. You can put it to use by converting it into a center that sits underneath a mounted flat-screen TV.

To do that, remove the top and chop it down to create a TV console table.

Sounds easy enough, right? 

Even though you mount your flat-screen TV on the wall doesn’t mean you can’t have a TV console underneath! 

In your new and improved console center, you can use the bottom part to hold electronics such as DVDs and CDs.

On top, consider decorating with some photos and other decorative pieces. 

Personalizing the console will add personality to your interior as well.

4. Place Your TV in a Piece of Furniture

Flat-screen TVs are pretty cool for many reasons. Besides being able to place a flat-screen TV anywhere in the apartment, you can also put it in a piece of furniture!

For example, if there’s a wardrobe in your apartment, measure an opening.

The point is to make room for your flat-screen TV to fit within the piece of furniture. 

Ideally, you can remove a shelf or two and put the TV inside the wardrobe. That way, if you choose to move your TV at a later time, it’ll be easy to put back the shelf. 

If your television won’t fit inside a piece of furniture, having something custom made may be an option. 

Your flat-screen TV’s new placement within a cabinet can hide it and make it blend well in the interior!

5. Hang Objects by the TV

Adding an art gallery all-around your television isn’t the only way to decorate on the wall.

You can also hang items such as baskets, a Eucalyptus wall hang, or even metal gold stars.

Think of creative ways that will make the space surrounding your TV pop. And, if you’d prefer not to use nails to hold objects, see if you can use removable wall hooks.

Check how much weight each hook will hold before hanging objects. You don’t want anything to come crashing down, even if it’s lightweight.


Who knew decorating around a flat-screen television could be this fun? 

What it comes down to is making your television fit well with your decor, and not the other way around.

A flat-screen TV isn’t the most attractive electronic. 

By itself, it can stick out like a sore thumb. But, with some tricks and creative decorating, you can solve that in a jiffy. 

So how are you thinking of blending your TV into your interior? 

Get going on a project and have fun playing around with its placement. Your new TV arrangement and decorating skills are bound to pay off!

Author Bio:

Jei Horca, Senior Business Manager for Alliance’s Northern California region, began his career in multifamily 16 years ago as a Leasing Associate for Carmel Partners. He works very closely with the team at Alvista at the Bridge to oversee operations and continue to make the apartment complex better every day.