Diet trends come and go as people look for ways to create a food-filled lifestyle that allows them to lose weight and feel healthy. Because people are diverse and cultures vary greatly, the ideal diet is individually based, so what works from one group or person may not work for another. The main focus of any diet should be to lose weight, stay energetic, and feel good throughout the entire diet – and beyond. Here are the top five diet trends to look for this year.

Plant-Based Diet Trends

As the name suggests, a diet based on plants allows the consumption of foods that come from plant sources, but many people use the term “plant-based” differently than others. Ovo-vegetarians, Lacto-vegetarians, and pescatarians choose to limit animal products in their diet but do eat some. Vegans don’t consume anything that isn’t grown in the earth, while vegetarians may include items such as butter in their diet occasionally. The main focus of each of these groups is a variety of earth-grown plants.


The low carb and high-fat diet known as Keto was at the top of the list of searched for diets on the internet, and researchers believe it will take the lead again in the coming years. In order to get the body into a state of ketosis, dieters cut their carbs until the body obtains energy by burning its own fat. That means the average person would consume a diet composed of 25 percent protein, 70 percent fat, and 5 percent carbohydrates to keep the body in ketosis and break down stored body fat.


The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet focuses on a hormone found in women’s bodies that burns fat and preserves lean muscle. The HCG diet uses a medically supervised intake of low calorie and low fat, with a combination of the hormones. Although calories are limited, the body uses HCG to preserve muscle and break down fat while maintaining high levels of energy.


Trying to replicate a plan of eating that the hunters and gatherers would have used long ago, the stone age diet, Paleolithic diet, or caveman diet, focuses on healthy foods. The paleo diet removes all sugar consumption, except for what can be found in fruit. This diet also eliminates all grains, dairy, and processed foods. Instead, the dieter consumes vegetables, meats, fruits, eggs, oils, legumes, and nuts.

Raw Food

Surprisingly popular, this dieter’s goal is to consume only unprocessed, whole, or uncooked food. Restricting the consumption of foodstuffs with any additives or pasteurized preservation methods, the diet also frowns on using any frozen or dehydrated foods because most have been treated with a preservative.

If losing weight is an important goal in your life, there are many diets you can choose from. However, as you look for a diet to fit into your lifestyle, remember to contact a medical professional before radically changing your routine and food consumption. Keeping your body healthy while losing the weight slowly enough to keep it off is the optimal goal.