Branding or brand development has become almost indispensable for any business or service because it not only affects the revenue and financial aspects of your company but also how potential customers perceive the brand.

When starting a new business, it is vital to strengthen the identity of the brand as a means of persuasion. A good strategy will help customers identify with your brand personality and enable you to build long-term relationships with your prospects.

Currently, social networks are handy tools for this; however, the best way to make a good impression on your client is to send a tailored proposal according to their needs each time you do business with them.

In general, when offering a new project or service, you need to provide a quote. A quote is a detailed list that contains the cost of the order or service.  However, making a  great proposal goes much beyond just creating a quote.

The main idea is to specify the added value that your brand would offer the client.  In other words, what competitive advantages you offer, how you have handled previous experiences in similar projects and any other aspect that will make the client prefer your service over that of others.

Here are five tools that can help you get your next client:

Better Proposals

This proposal software offers the possibility to create striking proposals in a matter of minutes thanks to a series of pre-established templates where you eliminate the inconvenience of thinking about what size or type of font to use, color or any other aesthetic aspect.

With Better Proposal you can streamline your marketing and design proposals and deliver a professionally branded image of your agency of service.

They provide a wide range of templates related to marketing and design that is geared to appeal to business prospects.

Better Proposals can help you deliver polished proposals quickly and easily. You can customize the templates from within the marketplace dashboard or create your own professional template from scratch.

It also allows for logos, video introductions and an array of rich media options so you can deliver business and marketing proposals in a consistently professional manner.


Proppy is the ideal tool for people who use keyboard shortcuts and want to work as quickly as possible.

In some cases clients can receive a large number of proposals in a short time either because they need to get someone fast or because many other businesses offer products or services very similar to yours, then it is necessary to develop a striking proposal very quickly.

Proppy provides this option.

Perhaps the nicest feature in Proppy is its ability to import. You can select words, sentences, and paragraphs that have been used in earlier proposals and bring them straight into Proppy. A little bit like a canned response, you don’t have to re-think or re-write sales pitches, explanations and terms and conditions each time.

Proppy can automate your workflow and get your documents done quickly.


Linkedin is one of the most popular services in the workplace. There you can get many job offers; however, it can also serve as a proposal itself.

In your companies LinkedIn profile, you can add the same information that you would add in a proposal template and send it so that your clients can see it, as well as being always available online.

LinkedIn continues to be a powerhouse of B2B services and opportunities. But, it can also help you draw alongside prospects, showcase your brand, service or products and create a networking environment where you can make game-changing contacts.

The ability to post and share company updates, posts, industry data, as well as collaborate with prospects and partners makes LinkedIn a must for anyone working in digital marketing and technology.


This tool is exceptionally complete and it allows you to create, from an event proposal template, a striking and professional proposal in a wide range of styles and for a wide range of industries.

In addition to this, it has several options that let you create a more personalized event proposal, from the possibility of adding images and videos to encrypt the file so that only the client can see it and with the option to sign and accept it digitally.

Ideally, look for the option that best suits your type of business. Ensure the template you choose shows off your service or product you offer. Each template can be branded further to leave a memorable impression using rich media, video, HD graphics, and slideshows.

Adding your ideas and the personal stamp of your brand is an excellent way to create a professional proposal that generates a positive impact. A first impression can make a difference when a client accepts or rejects a proposal.

Web Merge

If you already have a pre-established template for your business or if you simply want to opt for something more traditional, the Web Merge tool offers the possibility of doing so by providing the option to load templates in Word or PDF format.

You can then edit them with a simple editor without the concern that the layout will be modified. Web merge will let you create anything for event tickets to government documents.

It integrates with Google Drive, Form stack, Box, Zapier and more. You can upload fillable PDF documents, merge documents, collaborate and distribute them to colleagues and prospective clients and customers.

These are just a few of the current Business tools helping digital marketing and online business become more efficient in client acquisition. These are tools designed to integrate into your existing systems, and tools that will not break the bank.

These business tools are designed to simplify your workflow and help manage the client relationship more easily. They help small businesses to brand their work and deliver consistently professional services, reports, proposals and more.