The Brobdingnagian amounts of effort, money, and energy are invested by people everywhere to enable trade and businesses of the world to walk side by side with technological advancement. The human needs and wishes become exponentially bigger every day, creating millions of jobs each year, which is leading to a lot more remote work.

These jobs need to be managed constantly, and their amount is slowly becoming an issue. Luckily, a fantastic and relatively new model of work is becoming prominent, especially in the last couple of years – the remote work concept.

Every day, thousands of new people get familiarized with its privileges and exploit them to the fullest. This is great news, as the nine-to-five model is slowly but surely becoming obsolete, and more people want flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home.

To help you better understand this trend, GoRemotely designed an infographic that presents various stats concerning the concept. One of them states that between 2005-2017, the number of American remote workers increased by 159%, showing what the dominant work model will be in this century.

The surveyed workers were operating remotely throughout the United States. However, it is vital to mention that none of the people included in these statistics were actively freelancing or were self-employed. Instead, they were working for a company, a corporation, or a smaller business.

This comes as a surprise to the old-fashioned, 9-to-5, blue, or white-collar worker. However, it shouldn’t, as this program’s privileges are abundant and miscellaneous. The largest portion of these conveniences is brought by a simple solution – giving your daily schedule an incredible amount of versatility by letting you work from your office on your terms and hours.

This successfully eliminated work stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. With your schedule being filled as you would prefer it to be, it is much simpler to give yourself and your loved ones the time you both deserve. The extra time spent on wellness, health, and your loved ones leads to better performance at work and life overall.

Up to 82% of the surveyed remote workers reported improvement in their performance at work, happiness, reduced insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Also, Forbes reported that over 66% of telecommuters included in its survey reported increased productivity, even if their day-to-day work includes group work.

The industries that are most likely to include remote workers are IT, finance, real estate, legal, and education. Moreover, each year, many other branches take giant leaps toward this work model, with the main goal to raise productivity, make the employees’ lives better, and cut incredible costs induced by keeping and managing office spaces all over the world.

Overall, the largest portion of people working in this fashion would advise everybody to attempt it at least once. However, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible before taking any chances with remote work. Along with the stats and facts included in the infographic that follows, you will also find information on all essential aspects of telecommuting. Check it out.

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