All our lives, we are told by our parents and teachers to work hard at school. Often, education and success are linked with one another. It is quite common for parents to encourage their children to attain higher education to ensure a better life for themselves.

But is there any relationship between education and success?

What Statistics Say?

As per UNESCO and the World Bank, more than 200 million students are receiving higher education currently. In Latin American and the Caribbean, specifically, the number of people seeking higher education has nearly doubled.

The report also reveals that people with higher education, specifically in the mentioned region, end up earning twice the amount earned by those with high school diplomas.

Those who get higher education end up getting 17 percent higher returns in their earnings. This is quite a significant increase compared to the economic return of primary and secondary education graduates, which are 10 and 7 percent, respectively.

Keeping in mind this report, it is easy to reaffirm that there is a positive correlation between higher education and professional success.

But, Why?

It is not surprising that higher education increases the chances of achieving professional success. The real mystery is why it does. Here are some of the reasons why tertiary education and professional success go hand in hand.

  1. It teaches you the technical skills you need

The corporate world of today features cut-throat competition. If your goal is to thrive and succeed, and not merely survive, standing out from the crowd is a must. And this is where higher education comes in handy.

Tertiary education doesn’t just teach you hard skills that you must know to get high-paying jobs. Instead, it teaches you various soft skills that make work-life easy. Whether it be leadership qualities or the art of negotiation, if you end up selecting the right university, your personality can effectively be groomed.

  1. You gain control of your life

Most of us are not born into the type of lives we aspire to live. Even with a high-school diploma, it is highly unlikely that you attain the best of what life has to offer. Instead, it ensures that you get the bare minimum in a somewhat satisfactory lifestyle.

Higher education helps in kick-starting a flourishing career. Take inspiration from Bob Martinez (Governor of Florida – state’s 40th governor) and Freddie Solomon (late professional American footballer) who looked for University of Tampa admissions requirements, got enrolled there and created their names.

Rather than getting an entry-level job as an Executive, you can end up as an Associate. It isn’t just about getting a better salary. Instead, with time, it can help in opening new and better opportunities.

  1. You begin understanding the fine line between right and wrong

There are a lot of times in professional life when you have to decide between doing what is right and ethical and wrong and unjust. At such a time, choosing the right path can make all the difference. However, without proper exposure and guidance, it is easy to go astray. It is equally easy to misunderstand a situation.

This is where higher education can make all the difference. It plays an integral role in the development of advanced reasoning and critical thinking. You can then use the analytical skills you learn in university and apply them to your life situations. This can help you in making balanced decisions.

When you extend these learnings to your dealings with the world, you will never stray towards the wrong path. Instead, you will end up always striving to make the world a better place.

  1. It is evidence of your intelligence

Whether right or wrong, the fact remains the same. Many people judge your level of intelligence by your level of education. In various facets of life, an undergraduate and postgraduate degree is considered to be synonymous with a high caliber and IQ.

Not to mention that higher education helps you in establishing your expertise in a given field. For instance, getting a Master’s degree in Marketing would mean that you have in-debt knowledge of the field and hence are an expert regarding any challenges that may come your way.

  1. You learn how to overcome challenges

It is safe to say that getting past university is no easy feat. Higher education is meant to grill you and prepare you for life to come. Hence, tough deadlines, challenging assignments, and the tedious task of working with opinionated people go hand-in-hand with a holistic university experience.

You can say that your university life is a test-run for your future life. Each challenge you face during your education helps you in becoming resilient and steadfast. This, in turn, ensures that nothing stands in your way in your professional life.

Since challenges and tough deadlines no longer scare you, those with higher education find it easier to achieve professional success.

  1. It sharpens your financial intelligence

Getting higher education isn’t just difficult. In most cases, it is also quite expensive. Hence, managing finances efficiently and being able to afford the degree is always a struggle for students.

At the moment, this might seem like a burden. But, at the end of the day, the very fact that you experience a strain in your finances help you in sharpening your financial intelligence.

Working out how to stay within a tight budget and understanding how interest rates work can help you understand how financing works. This is one skill that helps you in making the right financial decisions in your future, hence achieving professional success.


All in all, the relationship between higher education and professional success is quite simple. Getting the former ensures the latter.

If you wish to have a successful career, make the right decisions at the right time. Priorities your education over everything, and you will soon reap the benefits. Choose the right universities, and you will be off to a great start.