Fall is almost here, and we all know how rapidly everything has changed with its arrival. Temperature is decreasing, everywhere you see people wearing sweaters, and jackets holding hot coffee mug… and whatnot.

But are you forgetting something?

Yes, it’s the time to take care of your car a little extra in this season as you do for your skin.

Start preparing your car for the winter season ahead.

This small extra effort will help you in regular maintenance and will save your thousand dollars. Not only this, but it will save your time from unwanted repairs in the long run.

Make sure you follow all the fall vehicle maintenance steps we are going to discuss below, so your car remains smooth and roadworthy throughout the fall till winters. Have a look!

Check your car’s tires beforehand

Due to random snow falling, roads may become slippery. It is essential to have a reliable set of tires for your car to ensure your safety.

The best way is to have all-season tires with the right kind of tread, depth, and grab onto the road. It works much better in contrast to the usual ones, especially when you snow flurries everywhere.

If you are not a pro in buying or assessing a car’s quality, don’t worry!

  • Do a simple check by using a penny to determine the level of tread wear on your tires.

What you have to do is to insert the penny into the tire’s groove. If you see its full face, get your tire replaced.

  • The second problem which you read on blogs and current news much often is the deflation of tire in cold weather. It happens because when the temperature drops every 10°F, it increases pressure on the tire.

To avoid this problem, top up your tires with enough air pressure, this will help in driving your vehicle smoothly.

  • What more you can do is to buy snow tires. It helps in making a smart decision as soon as you mount them on your wheels. There will be no hassle, and you would have to change wheels when winter arrives and switch back in the summers. They are quite durable and last long till one or more years.

Be cautious on slippery roads

Driving over the wet leaves and slippery roads can be dangerous, which you could only think of.  Most importantly, the drivers who drive in the early morning often experience rain and early morning frost; they should take extra care on the road.

The best way to have a safe drive is to drive over piles of leaves slowly and avoid the hard braking part, which leads to slipping.

Piles of fallen leaves hinder the road signs and lane markers, so be mindful when switching into other lanes. Also, remember it covers the potholes and other road hazards, so beware about it. The best tip is to be safe, drive slowly & steady, and always maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you.


Source: https://www.crainhyundaiftsmith.com/tune-up-near-me

Replace the dim headlights

According to a research study published in the Washington Post,

“Every day, we lose 1 to 2 minutes of daylight after the autumnal equinox.”

At night, it gets nearly impossible to drive in the dark. Make sure that you check if your lights have become dim or not. Not only this but if the bulbs are flickering, then it needs an immediate change.

How to check that your headlights are working in the best state or not?

Check your headlights by asking someone to stand in front of your car and start observing.

See as you switch on the lights, and start parking the vehicle besides a wall, whether the light reflects or not. This tip will help you figure out the condition of your headlights.

Getting a tune-up before winters is a good idea

Winters come along with a lot of mess for cars. For example, sudden mechanical breakdowns in the middle of the road, think how dangerous it could be. Not only this but encountering any winter storm wouldn’t be a beautiful memory.

So, how one can avoid all these problems while driving via a car.

The simple answer is to have a thorough check-up of your car.

Take your vehicle to the mechanic and ask them to inspect it thoroughly from each and everywhere.

If there’s no major issue, then see when you came for the last tune-up here.

If it had been a bit longer, then there’s no harm in changing the spark plugs and wires for the safe side. It helps your vehicle to run better and improves the overall performance.

Don’t forget to get your battery check too.

People are now advanced and buy cars online in UK, US, Australia, and almost everywhere, but haven’t got much awareness about the maintenance.

Don’t forget to change your wiper blades

The windshield wipers get stuck and will give you an adamant time if not maintained well. It is essential to keep your windshield clear of ice and snow to guarantee your safety.

The best thing is to invest in wiper blades designed for winter driving. Heavy-duty wiper blades are best to clear the windshield and keep it clean than traditional ones.

Changing wiper blades is not a long process so, don’t avoid it. It will even cost you less than $30. It’s a minimal amount to pay for your and your family’s safety.

Final Words

Now you know, a simple routine, and a little extra care can help you in so many ways. It’s best to follow every pro tip stated above. And don’t forget to get help from some professional to see whether your car is ready to enter into winters or not.

Safe driving is fundamentally essential for me, you, and every one of us for the sake of our lives and our family. So, don’t ever compromise on it for the sake of some efforts a little amount.

Have a safe drive!