Just recently, I got the rights back to one of my books, titled Stray Ally. It did okay in sales, pretty well a few times, and came out in print from a digital publisher. People liked it. There were good reviews on Amazon, and I thought it was a pretty good book overall.

The editor I worked with was thorough and professional. The story idea itself was pretty solid. The publisher I worked with had (and has) a good reputation. The cover was pretty amazing, and professionally designed. A lot of people liked that too. Actually, I still like the old cover.

I thought it would be an easy turnaround. I thought I would simply do a quick brush re-edit and release it with the original cover under my own publisher and brand. Nope. Wrong answer.

The Story

Okay, the story was not bad. Let’s get that out of the way first off. Second, I usually don’t read my books once they are written and published. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I am my own worst critic, as I am sure you are your own. So I could spend my life re-writing those first books, or I can move on and write more and better ones.

But in this case, I had to look. And there were issues. I’ve learned things about story and story structure since then, and I left some important elements out of the story. Enough elements that I was not content to just “put it out there again.”

So I did some re-writing and editing. And the story is better now, one I can live with.

The Editing

I’ve worked as an editor, and I know for a fact that I have gotten better over time. I catch mistakes I never did before, even when it comes to plot, pacing, and story. I’m sure my editor at the time, who is still editing, has gotten better. But there are some things in the old version that I could just not let go.

So I fixed those too. Hopefully, I caught them all, and those who read the book after that caught more. I hope it’s perfect now, and I know it is not.

The Cover

Old cover: great. But new story elements, new editing, all those things told me a new cover was the answer. So I talked to my current designer, and I can tell you that Elle at Evernight Designs knocked it out of the park. The new cover is amazing, and it fits right in with the fact that I have always wanted to turn this book into a series. She also did the cover for Harvested, and many of my other books.

That—well, that is another part of the story.

My Part in All This

Okay, so for a few years I had some personal issues, ones I won’t go into here. So a part of what happened is that I stopped promoting my work in large part, and actually (gasp) took a day job for a while.

The second was that I stopped writing fiction nearly as much. That means the second book in that series—well, it languished. But not anymore. I came out of the other side of that dark passage swinging, writing like crazy. And that meant my muse went: “What about book #2 in that series?”

What about it? The Good Shepherd has had stops, starts, and restarts. But now it is back in the writing mix and ready to be finished. The Dog Complex series is revived.

On September 30, Stray Ally will be revived. You can find it at your favorite e-book seller, and hopefully in print a whole bunch of places too. In fact, you can go to your local bookstore and request that they carry it, or order it for you if you like, or you can order it directly from this website once it is out.

Your own works, five years later? If you are a writer, you might see just how far you have come. For you, the readers? This is probably the best Stray Ally will ever get. But there are more stories coming. I can promise you that.