It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran of driving or whether you have only just passed your test, it’s vital that you utilise defensive driving tactics. Habits can quickly set in when you get out on the open road by yourself without an instructor by your side. It’s all too tempting to stretch your speed, drive aggressively or not consider other road users. Instead of falling foul of the law, you should take a more cautious approach to driving. While you may consider this to be boring, it is safe. This is key if you have passengers or children in your vehicle. Being safe can also save you money on your insurance and will make it less likely that you will be involved in any sort of collision. Take a look at how you can become a defensive driver.

Be Focused

Forget about just keeping your eyes ahead of you on the road, you need to ensure that you are aware of every potential hazard around you. Keep your radio relatively low, don’t keep fiddling with the satnav and don’t eat while driving. These could be distractions and take your eyes off of the road. Instead, remain focused at all times. Watch your speed, keep an eye out for pedestrians, check your mirrors, maintain vision on your blindspot and observe traffic signs.

It also pays to be aware of those other drivers around you. The chances are that they may not be defensive drivers and therefore they could be another hazard. Drive cautiously and don’t become overconfident. Give way when necessary and don’t push your luck when in the rain, in traffic or in road works. Be patient and stay alert.

Follow The 4 Second Rule

It doesn’t matter what road you are on whether it’s a country lane or a highway, it’s vital that you stay four seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. This will prevent you from running into the back of the car if they need to brake suddenly for any reason. If someone then runs into the back of you, it’s time to consider what to do after a car accident if it’s not your fault. Following the four second rule in good driving conditions when the weather is fine is a sound idea for every driver. However, bumper to bumper driving is becoming the norm in city centers. Don’t follow the crowd and join in for the good of your insurance policy.

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Stay Calm

It’s all too easy when you are heading home after an intolerable day at work with your overbearing boss to be desperate to get home. This can result in reckless driving through sheer frustration. When you enter into your car, you need to be aware that you are in charge of a large machine that deserves respect. If you end up in traffic, you can become agitated. However, just remember that you are better off getting home slowly rather than not getting home at all.

Defensive driving is the perfect way to conduct yourself when on the road in your vehicle. It’s time to set an example to other road users and ensure that you remain safe and collision free when driving your car.