We’re in a heavily technological era, whether we like it or not. Gone are the days of the majority of things being done manually or by loud, old, slow machines. We’re basically able to get stuff done in a fraction of the time now. Almost every single man, woman, and child are walking or crawling around with some kind of device in their hand at this point.

As we’re in this particular time and we have all of this technology around us, it would be right that an awful lot of business and money-making is done using it. The IT world is a wonderful way someone can make a buck or two. All those years of sitting on the computer and not getting some exercise might actually pay off! Here are just a few ways a computer can make you a fairly large sum.  

IT Consultant

All businesses need to be operating online. They need to have a website, digital marketing strategies, and the ability to communicate almost instantly with customers, clients, and other contacts. Not everyone is quite as tech-savvy as they’d like to be, however. Also, not everyone knows how to utilize IT in their business properly.

That’s where the consultant can come in. Obviously, you can’t just run into this kind of job and start handing out advice and guidance straight away – you’ll need to be trained and educated a little. But there will always be a demand for this kind of thing. 

Freelance Writing

If you have even an intermediate writing ability, then you’ll be able to do some copywriting and shadow writing in your spare time – or even as a full-time job. If you get your head down, you can earn some serious money from different clients across the internet. This kind of thing will only boost your confidence and ability. You might even do a little writing for yourself afterward!

App Developer

This is a little more complicated than others because it requires a good amount of knowledge regarding coding. But developing apps is an unbelievably good skill to have, and it can land you a wonderful job. You could also develop something yourself with this kind of ability.

Web Design And Development

Every business needs a website. So, much like how the demand for a consultant isn’t likely to go away, the demand for a web designer isn’t either. You could easily learn this skill at your local college, or even by following tutorials on YouTube. If you can figure out what makes a wonderful website design, then you might just have that creativity that can earn the big bucks. 


A decade ago, blogging was seen as nothing more than someone wanting to talk about what they’ve been up to. Nowadays, it’s a massive part of the internet community. A blogger can earn well over one-hundred thousand dollars a year just by doing the right things and inputting the right content. Bloggers, if they get enough of a following and enough traction, can make money by things like ad revenue and affiliate marketing schemes. There are a lot more ways, too, which is a massive bonus.