Choosing your career can be a decision you have no idea how to make. Some people expect you to know what you want to do as a profession when you are studying in high school, some people find that easy as they know exactly what it is they want to do. But many of us struggle with that, and often we may want to start a career that doesn’t require us to spend too much time studying for degrees or diplomas. A lot of people today start a profession and decide they want a complete career change, but still need to be in a position to provide for their families. Which is why we thought it was worth sharing with you some of the careers that require a lot less study time than you would originally think. 

Expel pearls of wisdom as a teaching assistant

Teaching is regarded as a satisfying job role, that requires hard work, but also has some great benefits when it comes to time off and pay. But becoming a teacher requires you to study for quite some time and obtain the necessary degrees and qualifications to do it. However, you don’t need to become a teacher to enjoy the environments and some of the perks it has. A teaching assistant is a valued member of a classroom that works on a more one to one or small group basis. This is when things like Grade 12 English, ENG4U could come in handy along with other options and can be studied at home. Being a teaching assistant requires you to help children and young adults learn in an environment they are comfortable with. While it may not pay the salary of a teacher, it still means you get time off when school is finished for the term. So it could be a real viable option if you have a family yourself. 

Try your hand as a pharmacist

A lot of medical professions require years of training, especially if you want to be a doctor or surgeon. But that doesn’t mean that a job in the medical sector is completely out of reach for you. A pharmacist technician is another avenue for you to explore and wouldn’t require as much study time as a doctor would. You still have to be able to care for patients and perhaps assess and advise on small minor things like the common cold or injuries. It could still be an in-depth career prospect that requires you to have knowledge in your field. 

Share your words with the world and become a writer

Do you enjoy writing or sharing your opinion and thoughts. Then maybe you have a career waiting for you as a writer. Some people would think that you would need degrees in grammar and English to be known in your field, but the truth is it’s more about the quality of the content you can create than anything else. Writing is something you could start in your spare time and then build up to become your career. Perhaps you want to write a book and self-publish it, or you like writing about key events or life experience. There are plenty of ways to get your writing out there to the world. You could even start a blog or website of your own. Other ways could involve volunteering with publications and just generally get your content read. You never know where it could take you. 

If you love animals become a veterinary technician

Becoming a vet or performing surgeries on animals is very much like wanting a career as a doctor to help people, it is going to take a lot of time, degrees and qualifications to get you to where you need to be. But if you love animals that doesn’t mean a career in a vet clinic is off the table. You could train to become a veterinary technician. This is the person that would work in the lab at results, care for the animals and assist during the surgeries. It takes less time to train for this profession and gives you a hands-on job with animals that you will potentially love. 

Spread your kind and loving ways and work in care

Being a care assistant could be a rewarding job for you, especially if you naturally like to care for others and take care of them. As a care assistant, you could work in an elderly home, assisting with your patient’s daily needs such as getting dressed or bathing. You may want to work in a hospital where similar duties would be needed in a different environment. Or alternatively, you could become a care assistant for children in a care home. It takes patience and kindness to work in this type of career. 

Let’s hope these professions have provided you with some inspiration for your next career move.