Managing a business means managing a team of employees – these are the people who make up the backbone of your business, and they’re going to be one of the main primary concerns whilst you sit at the top. But how can you make sure they’re going home from work having had the best day they possibly could? 

Employee health and safety is a top concern in the workplace, as it should be. Of course, you carry out regular checks and inspections to make sure everything in the office is secure and simple, but there’s a couple more things you can do to be sure your employees always feel healthy and happy at work. Here’s a quick rundown on them. 

Run Some Encouraging Programs

The health of your employees is mostly in their own hands, and thus, there’s not much direct action you can take to make sure they’re feeling and working their best. Instead, you can reach out to them, and do as much as you can to encourage healthy habits, both in and out of the workplace. 

And that means it’s time to run a program or two, to make sure there’s plenty of time and resources on your side – your employees need to be able to reach out to you whenever they have the need to. 

Try to start with the big guns, like inviting a doctor to the workplace at least once a week for your employees to visit any time during their shift. This is useful, for example, if someone hasn’t been able to get their flu shot for the year yet; they won’t have to miss any work to make sure they’ve got their vaccines in place! 

Pinpointing a Potentially Toxic Employee

The workplace is made up of all kinds of people, and being able to pinpoint the ones who could be acting inappropriately, or even dangerously, is key to ensuring the health of your other employees. It’s much better to only have one bad egg in the team, rather than a whole 6 or 7 people who can’t get along, and feel sick having to come to work in the mornings. 

Ask around, first of all, to get your team’s opinions. Ask them what they like about the workplace, and what they’d rather work without, and even allow them to answer anonymously if they’re truly worried about someone’s actions. If you’re suspicious of an employee’s activities, including the idea that they may be turning up to work in an inappropriate state, you might be able to make use of drug testing facilities. Aside from that, sitting down with an employee who seems to be causing trouble, and asking them what’s going on, could be the first step to your team’s recovery. 

Employee health doesn’t have to be hard to keep up with, as long as you put the parameters in place to ensure they’ve got the right resources at their disposal. If you take the time, you’ll be the best boss you can be!