Ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, mites, flies, and mosquitoes are some common little invaders that share the house resources with their original occupants. At first, you might ignore them, but they are more than often the cause for various diseases lingering in the air.

And while they are pests, just spraying insecticides on them isn’t the most humane solution. Through some regular cleaning and natural solutions, you can easily control the number of pests roaming inside your home.

Why Use Natural Ways?

Harmful pesticides and insecticides leave traces of elements that stay over a period of time. By using natural ways, avoid the use of such harmful products and also make the home a cleaner and safer place to live in.

You can stop the invasion of these insects in two ways –

  • Cutting off the area of their target
  • Using simple and natural remedies to stop them from inhabiting little corners of your furniture.

Natural Ways of Controlling Various Types of Insects

Now we will look at some common form of house pests and how you control their invasion naturally –

  • Ants

Ants are usually attracted to leftover food crumbs or sweet products left in the open. By maintaining a hygienic and clean house, you can stop them from marching in your home. If the problem still persists, try one of the following remedies:

  1. Place cucumber at the natural entry points of the ants. Due to their bitter nature, cucumbers act as a natural divergent to ants.
  2. Used, dried, or crushed mint leaves also act as a natural deterrent to the ant’s movements in your house.
  3. Leaving a small nightlight on at night time can also disrupt the movement pattern of ants. This will discourage them from huddling in your home often.
  • Cockroaches

A clean house is the best remedy to keep these filthy insects away. They are attracted to dirty spots and carry over the germs to your food and utility products. Regular vacuuming and moping is a good way to keep your house spotless.

  1. You can place catnip in corners of the house where cockroaches can thrive. Catnip contains traces of nepetalactone, which is a natural repellent to these insects.
  2. If the problem still persists, you can lay a trap for them with boric acid. Cockroaches will carry this bait to their nests, killing the entire root of the problem.
  3. Some people also use Diatomaceous Earth to keep these insects at bay. However, you should be careful with its application, so follow the instructions at all times. Kill the pests within two weeks of its application.
  • Bed Bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to prevent their infestation in the first place. These creatures climb on to your bed and silently attack you while you’re sleeping. Keeping the room and your bed thoroughly clean is the only way to avoid the infestation. But if somehow they manage to infest your sleeping place, here is how you can take care of them:

  1. Remove all your beddings and wash them thoroughly in hot water. This will kill any bedbugs present in your bed.
  2. For those who are frequent travelers, you can carry a non-toxic bed bug spray with you at all times. Just remove the beddings and spray the bed with the bug spray. Wait for a few hours before crashing on to the bed.

  • House Flies

House flies are one of the most common forms of germ-carrying pests. They are nuisance-creating creatures in the common household. Sealing off open ducts and vents is the best way to stop them from breaking in. Also, sure the garbage is disposed and covered properly. This is a good step in discouraging them. Here are a few other remedies to get rid of flies:

  1. Small sachets of mint placed around the house act as a natural repellent to these flying nuisance.
  2. You can place small containers of sweet basil and clove near open food materials to discourage flies from sitting down on them.


Using natural repellents and traps is not only a safer but an environment-friendly way to keep your house free from infestation as well. However, you should contact professional services if the situation gets out of control.