Have you ever had a number in mind that you want to make? And just no clear way to get there? We all have. So, you’re not alone when it comes to trying to work out what the best way to get from A to B is. 

If you have a business you are running from home, the most obvious answer here is growth! 

It might seem scary at first, but really it is an essential part of you moving forward to making more money. 

Here are a few steps that you can take to start working on the growth of your business. 

Mailing List

If you have a website (which you should), then the chances are you aren’t maximizing the space. Having a pop-up or sign-ups might seem annoying, but they really do work. You can set them up so that when people begin to exhibit leave behavior, they pop up. Almost like the ‘hand on the doorknob’ question. Imagine if all of your social media was to disappear tomorrow. The most valuable tool you will have will be your mailing list. 


One of the issues that many people face is that although they have a considerable skill pool themselves, they want to take on more significant projects. So, when you find a really meaty well-paid project, the simple solution is to hire more freelancers to manage the load. You’ll have to be stringent on managing them, and can use a combination of technology and managed IT services to keep everyone on track – including you. 

Before you start hiring, make a list of what the project needs, the time you have, and what you can personally do. Then find people that can plug the gaps. Delegate well, and you will be on the road to more substantial projects in no time at all. 

Write It Down

If you know you want to make an extra £/$/€2000, but don’t know where to start then write it down. One a piece of paper write £/$/€2000 at the top. Then, so a breakdown of all of the ways that you can make up that £/$/€2000. For example 4 people at £/$/€500 each. Or £/$/€2000 people at 1 each. Once you have a few configurations, it’s time to head to the bottom half of the page. 

Here you will do a spider diagram. Write the £/$/€2000 in the middle. On each leg that, write a product or service that you have that could fit into the configurations. If you have an eBook in the works, could you sell 1000 at £/$/€2 each? What about pitching to more prominent companies, for a talk at £/$/€500? 

Passive Income

Growing your business is going to take effort and time. Sometimes it might eat into the time you have right now to make real profits. If you have a few passive income streams to work with, then you will have money coming in that leaves you a little bit more free to work on your business. So start researching where you can make those extra cash pots, here are 5 passive income ideas for your business to get you started. 

Flexing your moneymaker is all about letting your brain kick into action, and you might just be surprised how much more money you can make with a little effort.