It is never worth having even a successful business should it cost you much of your personal health. This might sound contrary to those who would give up anything to realize their dreams – but as you get older you can realize that some things are simply too good to give up on a whim. Everyone, no matter how they handle it, can only work as well as their health permits them. There’s a reason for the old, Mr. Burns style fatigued, decrepit old man caricature as the picture of those who own the most far-reaching corporations.

You don’t want to become like that. Actually – measuring your health can have profound impacts on your business life for the better, and we’re not just talking about having more energy to focus on your work. Through practical care, an understanding that you are a vital resource to be cared for, and the ability to sustain yourself, you may find that you begin optimizing yourself, and consequently, optimizing your business. To us, that’s a pretty worthwhile venture.


It’s actually quite important to have charm if you’re a business leader. We’re not talking about some artificial or cringe-inducing Don Juan kind of charm, or the female equivalent, but holding self-confidence and being able to express your ideas. It’s important to seem welcoming, but to also come across as authoritative, as defending your own business, as secure in your goals and progress. But this can be harder than it seems. This might not seem as related to health as it could be – but it is. The healthier you are, the more you take care of yourself, the more you invest in your daily being, the more confident and down to earth you feel. This means that working out to the extent that you can, taking extreme care of your mental health and stress, ensuring that you eat well and do not burn yourself out can all have a tremendously worthwhile effect on your demeanor. And to that extent – your charm.


All businesses have issues that need to be overcome. Some of them can pause progress you were desperate to make. It’s easy to lose your temper with your team, want to shut the whole operation down, or fall into doubtful despair should this happen. This can be a saddening issue for many. But often resilience is needed in any business setting. Without it, the harsh realities of business management can come to the forefront, and overtake everything. Through getting enough sleep, through taking that space for your mental health, through having a good work life balance and the ability to offload your stresses through talking with someone you trust – you become able to build that resilience. This is a worthwhile thing to achieve – always.


When you take care of the above considerations – you begin to look at your team with a careful eye. You start to understand, on a level deeper than words, that empathy is essential to manage a team and bring everyone together. This can help you set more realistic goals, encourage a more welcoming work life balance, or learn more about health considerations they may need to have subsidised through your insurance plans.

With these tips – your personal health is sure to positively influence your business efforts.