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Month: July 2019

The Impact Of Push Notifications For E-learning Campaigns

E-learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with growing competition for attention, it’s more important than ever to be able to draw customers in. With the number of consumers interested in online learning increasing year on year, how do you go about marketing digital products and ensuring your content turns heads?

As you can see from the infographic below, using push notifications is a great idea. Research suggests that the average person spends a total of almost 6 hours per day on a device, with 80% of time devoted to looking for information. With a captive audience lying in wait, it pays to focus on reaching out to users who have an interest in your specific digital products, and working on converting leads that have already been generated. Targeted marketing campaigns can increase conversion rates to 10%. Most commonly, notifications advertise products such as webinars, free trials, guides, toolkits, and reports. According to, the most popular products by clicks are guides and toolkits, webinars, and ebooks.

Despite the fact that mobile devices are everywhere these days, most people who take an interest in online learning use desktops, rather than tablets and phones. The US dominates the market, with over 60% of notifications delivered on the North American continent.

If you’re interested in marketing e-learning products, and you’re not using notifications yet, or you’re looking to study online and take advantage of digital products like guides and trials, why not take a closer look at the handy infographic below?

Infographic Design By The Power of eLearning Industry’s Browser Notifications Infographic 2019 Edition

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Forklift Certification: 4 Reasons That Make It Crucial

Considering warehouse safety and health, driver training is a crucial part that the majority of employers and employees overpass. Today, we will discuss the importance of forklift operator training and how it affects you and your workplace.

Forklifts are one of the necessary pieces of equipment in certain industries and sites. They make specific tasks easy for humans that they cannot do on their own.

While it is an important resource for any warehouse, but if it’s in unskilled hands, it can do more hazards than good.

And, the best way to reduce the chances of injury is the operator training via a certified training course. Here are four reasons that make forklift certification essential:

Safety First

Several studies have claimed that 34,900 forklift accidents take place annually that result in severe injury. Moreover, lifts accidents can not only affect the operator, but also harm other employees.

To lower down these statistics, you can easily get forklift train the trainer certification and create an inclusive, safer work-environment for everybody.

Competitive Aspect

The benefit is not only limited to an individual who has applied for a job, but also beneficial for the company. When it comes to an individual, it will definitely provide you a benefit over other candidates for a few aspects:

First, it showcases your knowledge for the job. For instance, if you apply for a position that needs forklift driving, it’s important that you have training and experience in these types of equipment.

Second, a company would favor to situate a new hire straight forward to work instead of spending money and valuable time on training.

Third, it shows you are responsible. Receiving your training certification before being hired shows that you are not only obeying the law, but actually care about the company.  Also, you are proactive towards your safety and the people you work with.

Forklift Driver Training

It is vital for a lift operator to be qualified and certified for a safe forklift driving. A training certificate is not just a piece of material, but it’s the skills that ensure the safety and proper transportability of equipment within your workspace.

A driver training certification signifies three main characteristics within your workspace:

Safety: The driver will be trained to assure the lifts are being used in the safest way. It will also train to be aware of threats that may arise so that they can take preventive measures to avoid injury.

Productivity: After getting familiar with the equipment’s features and capabilities, the operator would finish tasks productively.

Efficiency: It enables the operator to manage the equipment in the time-conscious and energy-efficient manner.

Another fundamental factor is that the training allows your forklift operators to maintain your equipment in an appropriate manner. It also ensures that all the small things are well-considered, for instance, safety checks, refilling battery fluid, equipment checks, and no mistreatment. It will, in turn, decrease the costs of repairing and servicing your equipment.


Accidents can not only harm workers, but also damage the products and equipment themselves. And, the damaged product can develop a loss for the company. Furthermore, forklifts involved in accidents later experience constant issues, and if they are not repaired, can add up over time.

These are huge and costly machines and therefore, must be treated that way. Through proper training, you can avoid massive amounts of product loss.

And, because of this, it leads to fewer accidents, less spare time, and more efficiency!


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Are Good Ethics Good Business Too?

The popular perception of the business community is that it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world in which only the ruthless survive. When you manage a company, you need to leave your ethics at the door and do whatever is pragmatic. Virtue and enterprise don’t mix.

But is that true? The data seem to suggest otherwise.

Companies that misbehave almost always lose in the long-run: just look at what happened to VW after the emissions scandal. Not only did the company have to pay out billions in fines, but it also lost vast swathes of customers too. People didn’t want to buy cars from a company which lied about diesel emissions to make extra buck or two.

Good ethics are good business. Firms that apply high ethical standards avoid fines and create healthy workplace cultures. When people know the rules, then it empowers them to perform their work to a high standard, without feeling as if they have to make compromises.

The problem is that the leadership in many firms doesn’t communicate the importance of ethics. Managers are told to be productive and to “get the job done,” but not that they should do it in a way that is consistent with the moral standards of the firm. All too often, managers believe that they need to flaunt the rules to get the job done quicker. It creates problems.

The following infographic makes the case that sound ethics are, in fact, good business. Do you think your business would benefit from an ethical upgrade?

Infographic by Norwich University

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What To Do When Disaster Strikes Your Business

If you think you can run a successful business without anything going wrong ever, you are in for a shock. In fact, problems are par for the course when you have your own company. There is a difference between an issue and a true disaster though, and more often than not, it’s how you choose to handle and deescalate the situation before it reaches boiling point. Something you can get some sage advice on, in my post below. 

Don’t panic 

The first thing that you need to do when dealing with a business disaster is to stay as calm as possible. In fact, by panicking, you can end up being swayed by your emotions, making bad decisions, and generally causing everything to be much worse. 

Respond and manage 

Once you have reminded yourself to stay calm, it’s time to respond to the issue that is presenting itself. Of course, the critical thing here is to manage whatever is going on so that it minimizes the damage caused. 

Obviously, your response will differ depending on the problem that has arisen, and that is why it can be so helpful to have pathways that deescalate the issue pre-planned out to help you navigate this. Something that it is well worth your time considering and formalizing in writing as you set up your business. 

Deal with the fallout 

Once the initial crisis has passed, it will be time to deal with any fallout. In fact, this stage is almost as critical as the one above, because it can make all of the difference when it comes to managing your business’s reputation and ensuring that you don’t alienate current and potential customers. 

One way of dealing with the fallout is to ensure that any press releases and public comments are handled by a professional PR agent. Someone that can help you not only avoid further crises, but also help minimize any negative opinion such a situation will create. 

You will also often need to deal with the legal consequences of a business crisis as well, something that engaging an expert in the area it relates to can really help you will. 

In fact, if your business has been involved with a logistics accident finding a trucking crash expert to help you with your claim can be invaluable. While if your business is struggling with an issue of employment law, a legal team versed in this will be the ones to consult. 

Try to avoid next time 

Lastly, when it comes to business disasters, there is nearly always a silver lining, even if it doesn’t feel like that at the time. Of course, this silver lining is that you can learn from the mistakes made and ensure that they do happen again. 

In fact, by putting practice measures in place that will head off any issue before it develops into a full-blown crisis, you can actually help to avoid getting to a place of disaster next time, and so significantly improve your business’s productivity, efficiency, and reputation. All things that are pretty important if you want to maintain long term success.  

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Follow The 3 R’s To Become A Zero-Waste Business

Thinking about your business, what steps have you taken to reduce waste? And by waste, we are referring to anything you might casually throw away, such as scraps of paper, plastic bottles, pieces of cardboard, and old computers. 

You don’t need us to tell you why you should stop being so wasteful. There are the effects to the environment, for starters. The more waste that is being thrown onto our landfills, the greater the damage to the world around us. You can find out more at

Then there’s your business image to consider. If your customers and clients get to know about your unethical ways, then two things will happen. Firstly, they might stop using your business. And secondly, they might broadcast news of your behavior online. Say goodbye to your profits then! You need to protect your image, so as well as adhering to the advice we gave you here at, you should also take steps to go green, and this includes being less wasteful.

To become a zero-waste business, there are a number of steps you can take.

Step #1: Reduce

Thinking about paper, do you need to print and file all of your documents? Wouldn’t it be more cost and eco-efficient to store your files on the cloud instead? Thinking about your packaging materials, do you need to stuff your boxes with polystyrene, plastic, etc.? Do you need to use oversized cardboard boxes for the products you are delivering? And thinking about the materials you might use for the manufacturing process, could you do more with less? Thinking about all facets of your business then, consider how you might reduce the materials you use on a regular basis.

Step #2: Reuse 

Don’t just throw things away! If something can be repurposed, consider reusing them. So, thinking about any plastic bottles your employees might use for drinking purposes, could you not encourage them to refill their bottles from a tap or drinking fountain? If you have leftover materials from your manufacturing processes, could they be refashioned into something new? You could use the briquette technologies provided by, for example, to repurpose any raw materials your business uses. And thinking about your office furniture and technologies, you could save money and the environment by repairing and reusing them when they become old and worn. So, consider what you regularly throw away, and consider putting them to better use before discarding them completely.

Step #3: Recycle

There are all kinds of items that can be recycled, as you can see by looking at this extensive list (200+) at Therefore, purchase recycling bins for your property, or get them for free if your local council office provides them, and label them, so you, your employees, and your customers know where to dispose of the relevant items. If you don’t have space for recycling bins, then manually deliver your business waste to your local recycling center, or ask them if they do collections. Some companies will pay you for your recyclable goods too, so do your research online when looking for a recycling business to take your waste goods off your hands.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle; 3 steps towards becoming a zero-waste business. By taking these steps, not only will you benefit the world around you, but you will also benefit your business because of the cost-saving and profit-making advantages. What’s not to love? Let us know what you think, and if you have any further ideas for our readers, please share them with us.


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How Can Healthcare Be More Efficient?

We all know that healthcare has its issues. When doctors and nurses are looking to take care of their patients, it’s safe to say that they have a lot on their plates! And so, this can make efficiency hard to accomplish. However, it’s important for them to provide a high level of care, keep wastage of resources low, and make the most of management skills picked up from school. The accompanying infographic demonstrates as such. So how exactly can this happen? Let’s take a look.

Planning – First of all, there’s planning. Because if any company or industry wants to be efficient, then it’s just essential that everything is all planned out in terms of patient care, rosters, and resource management.

Communication – As you know, communication goes hand in hand with efficiency. And if the healthcare industry wants to be more efficient, the many different employees within a setting need to communicate well. Particularly staff with management.

Education & Knowledge – Then we have the idea of continued education. Because healthcare is a field that’s always evolving. And so, if efficiency is going to work out, then it’s so important for staff to keep boosting their knowledge. And to also be aware of industry trends and news. 

Record Keeping – Another key indicator of efficiency is good record keeping. It’s essential that the healthcare industry has a good process for this and the best systems in order for it to work.

But that’s not all. For more information on efficiency in healthcare, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California


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Learning How To Target Potential Customers Effectively

You should already understand the importance of pinpointing your target market if you want to create a profitable company. Of course, this is only the first step to creating a strong business strategy. You might know which portion of the marketplace you’re trying to target, but your competitors might still beat you to the mark every single time. What does it take to win over consumers? These suggestions might help you to start learning how to target potential customers effectively.

Carry out extensive research.

The important thing to remember is that your business could target a very broad portion of the market if it wanted to do so. But it’ll probably have its sights set on a very particular group of people if it wants to grow successfully. This is the target market, and it might grow over time as your company expands and becomes more ambitious. For now, however, you need to have a very specific and narrow idea of who you’re trying to reach. Are you marketing your services to particular demographics (e.g. younger people, people in a certain location, and so on)? It’s important to know the distinction between demographics and target markets, even if the two are linked. Your target market is comprised of many different demographics, and you might have to target them all in different ways.

Once you know which portion of the market you’re trying to reach, you need to carry out extensive research to start understanding your target market. Paying attention to your competitors is important too, of course, but your goal is to become a trend-setter rather than a copycat. If you can get to know your target market, then you can start to deliver services which are new and exciting. You can get ahead of the competition by delivering services that fill gaps in the market. You have to figure out which problems face the marketplace so you can differentiate yourself from your rivals. If you want to learn how to target potential customers effectively, then you have to figure out exactly what they need. Talking to them will usually give you the answers you want.

Develop an honest and reliable brand.

A great way to target potential customers effectively is to develop an honest and relatable brand. This will show your target market that your business is reliable, and that’s a key part of winning them over. Loyal customer bases only form when they feel they can trust a company in the long run. That can be achieved by pushing the human sides of your brand. For instance, you should own up to mistakes. Everybody makes them, and businesses make plenty of them. But the best way to maintain a good reputation is to be honest about the things you get wrong. Otherwise, you’ll inadvertently end up damaging your reputation because people will feel as if you’re trying to cover up your wrongdoings.

You need to define your brand. You might deliver high-quality products and services to your customers, and that’ll certainly make them happy, but how do you stand out from the competition? What’s going to stop your customers from jumping ship and buying high-quality goods from one of your competitors? Your identity needs to be unique. You need to offer something more. Perhaps you could donate some of your profits to charity; you could even ask your customers to recommend certain charities which mean something to them. That would show your intended demographic how much you value them. You might also want to run your company sustainably. This would show the target market that you care about the planet.

Picture Source

Create an ad campaign across all social networks.

Social media is a powerful tool in the modern world of marketing, but so many businesses misunderstand how social networks can benefit them. Don’t plaster adverts all over your Twitter or Instagrams pages. That isn’t the way to engage with people. You need to make an impact on your target market. If you want to be relevant, then pay attention to trending topics. Talk to your customers on social media too. As we mentioned earlier, this can be a very beneficial research strategy, but it can also help to create stronger relationships with your clients. Make sure you answer questions instantly and link to relevant articles. Don’t just spout out adverts incessantly. If you create good online content, then you’ll be advertising your entire brand well.

Create a better team.

If you want to target potential customers effectively, then you should also create a better team. After all, the better the customer service, the better your reputation will be. And that’ll help to attract new customers in the future. But a better team starts with a better leader. You have to guide your employees well. Give rewards to hard workers so the entire team is encouraged to be more productive. You might also want to consider studying for Aston’s MBA degree. This would give you business and management skills which could help you to lead your team more effectively. Don’t underestimate the importance of leadership when it comes to creating a better team and, as a result, a better reputation for your company. That’s how you’ll target potential customers effectively.

Develop a loyal customer base.

Treating your customers well is one of the simplest ways to develop loyal relationships with them. They say loyalty can’t be bought, but it depends on how you define that statement. You could email your customers with discounts and other deals as a way of thanking them for sticking by you. This will make a big impact on them because it’ll show that you truly appreciate their custom. Obviously, delivering a fantastic level of customer service will help too. Consumers appreciate businesses that appreciate them.

If you really want to give customers an incentive to keep returning to your company for its products and services, then you might want to start a loyalty points scheme. You could give clients points for every single purchase they make. Those points could then be used as currency to purchase things in your store. In a sense, you’d be offering freebies to your loyal customers. They might consider choosing one of your competitors in the future, but the promise of points and gifts in the future will keep them coming back to your store.


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The Business You Want The Public To See

The business you want the public to see, and the business that’s actually behind closed doors, is usually a totally different image. Businesses are so desperate to make their image perfect to the public, so that they look like this happy and exciting business, that’s ready for action. But behind closed doors, we all know that the madness of business is a far cry from what the public see. But there has never been a more crucial time to show your business off to the public, and get your image absolutely perfect. There’s just so much competition going around at the minute, and if you’re not at the forefront of the public eye, then it’s just going to be so hard to actually get your business noticed. So, this article is going to be all about getting that public image perfect, and hopefully giving you a few ideas that will help you to stand out above everyone else. So sit back and relax, and keep on reading for some amazing tips!

The Bit Nobody Focuses On

So there are some things that absolutely nobody focuses on, and it really does reflect on a business more than you would think. So, if you’re a business who has customers coming into your office everyday, then this one is going to apply to you. What your office looks like is going to play a huge part in the success of your business, and it starts from the moment they see the building. So take some extra care to make it look perfect, and think about commercial lawn maintenance to make the grass and exterior look super fresh. Even things like getting the windows cleaned every two weeks or so can protect your image. As for the inside, you want to make it look as fresh and as modern as you possibly can. Focus on light and bright colours, funky furniture, and plenty of facilities for your customers to relax in! Even just a room filled with comfy chairs, a TV, and food for them to eat will make the difference, yet it will hardly cost you anything!

That Perfect Business Image

There definitely is a perfect business image that you want to try and live up to. The best way of doing it, we believe, is to actually get yourself out in the public. Even if it’s just putting up a stand in the middle of a busy town, and giving out freebies, you’re showing the public who you really are. But if you want to make yourself look good, as well as bringing in the custom, you need to think about trade events. They’re the perfect place to make a connection with potential customers and the general public, and you can make them so much fun. As long as your stand is interactive and you look the part, people will come flocking!

Giving Back To The Public

As a final note, you really can’t go wrong with giving back to the public. Attending and running charity events, food banks, and anything like that that helps the public out is what you should be thinking about!


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How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh This Summer

When it comes to looking after your car one of the hardest things to do is keep your car smelling fresh during the summer months. With the warm weather making things difficult, you may find that your car is much harder to clean through June, July and August. Whilst it may seem impossible to stay on top of it, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure your car is a pleasure to be in. With that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your car smelling fresh this summer: 


  • Make Sure You’re Clearing Out Any Rubbish


One of the best things you can do to improve the cleanliness of your car during summer is ensure you’re cleaning out any rubbish. Whilst you may need to store rubbish in there during the day, taking it with you at the end of the night is the best way to ensure that there is no chance of it smelling in the morning. In some cases, it also helps avoid and spillages that can take weeks to clean. If you struggle to remember, try setting an alarm on your phone for the time that you usually arrive home. 


  • Don’t Store Food In There During The Heat


Another great way to avoid any unwanted smells is to ensure you’re not storing any food in your car when it’s warm outside. Not only will it make your food inedible, but it will also spread bacteria and odours that are hard to get rid of. If you do need to store food during the day, buy yourself a cooler for your car. Not only will this give you a place to store your food tidily, but it will help ensure there are not bad smells spreading whilst you’re gone. 


  • Clean It Out As Often As You Can


Although you should be cleaning your car regularly in all seasons, ensuring you do so throughout the summer months is even more important. Set a specific time of the week where you dedicate an hour or so to cleaning the interior of your car and you will start to notice a difference in cleanliness straightaway. If you spill anything or notice an unusual smell, clean it up straight away. For tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your car, you can visit this site here. 


  • Use An Air Freshener To Mask Smells


If you are worried about smells in your car or you have a lot of regular passengers, you may want to consider using a car air freshener to mask anything bad. Whether you purchase one from the store or you use a branded one you picked up at an event, you will notice the difference it makes almost instantly. For more information about Custom Fresheners, you can visit this site here. 


  • Drive With The Windows Down And Avoid Air Conditioning


Finally, if you think that there is something causing a bad smell in your car you may want to consider driving with the windows down to help air it out. If you use the air conditioning you will find that you’re just circulating the odour, rather than getting rid of it. 

Do you struggle to keep your car smelling fresh in the summer? What can you do to ensure you keep it clean this year? Let me know in the comments section below. 


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Exterior Build Design Tips

When it comes to the exterior of your home or office building, you want it to be inviting and appealing. That is why when the design process is starting, it can be tricky to finalise all of the plans. The shapes, lines, and making sure that the colours balance well. It might seem like a job for the more experienced designers, but you can work with more experienced architects on your project if you like. 

The outside of the building or home can be the reason people want to go inside. If the outside looks so inviting then, of course, imagine what the inside will look like! There are rules, but like all good rules – if you know how to break them well, the go-ahead. 

Materials and Textures

Most buildings will have the typical red ‘house bricks’. But, if you don’t love it, there are ways you can cover some of it up. Adding shingles, aluminium, wood, steel and other panels can give a whole new look and feel to the exterior of the building. 

But you want to have a balance between the textures and the materials. For example, when done correctly, industrial steel and natural wood can work well together. Due to the fact that it is going out on the outside of the building, you will need to be mindful of the durability – as well as the aesthetics. 

Color Combinations

While you might be tempted to add as many colors as you have facets of personality – you would be wise to tone it back. Typically three shades from the same colour palette work the best together. One of the lightest shades, a midrange and a darker tone too. The lighter shade can be used on the body, and the second can be used for the trim. Finally, use that third middle shade for the door. 

It will pull the whole thing together, and look incredibly sleek. Try to use colors that will be in keeping with the style of your home or office building and the period in which it was built. 

Extra Features

If you have a lot of staff that enjoy sitting outside on their lunch break. Or you are partial to sitting in your own garden, a canopy walkway or a retractable awning are ideal solutions for that. Not only that but the perks of both are that the walkway canopy can double as a shelter from the rain when needed and the retractable awning can be rolled away in bad weather. 

Form Follows Function

Form follows function, a very well known saying that will help you have a starting point for the rest of your design ideas. The use of the building should dictate what it does and does not need. Then, once you have all of the critical ‘must-haves’, you can move on to the ‘just wants’. 

Consider the needs of your staff or your family when you are making changes to the home exterior – they ideally should be an investment that will last. 

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