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Month: June 2019

Six Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out To Clients

Running a business is not an easy thing to do. You have a lot of plates to balance, from clients you work with to the customers who want something from you. On top of that, you’ve got to keep the business running successfully and stand out among all the other companies in your industry. Every company will claim to be the best in their field, with the top customers being told that everyone is number one. You could spend all the time in the world building a brand that people can relate to, but that’s not going to make you the best in the world.

A big part of being the best business out there relies on your image and how people perceive you and what you do. So, you need to stand out from the crowd as best you can, with your brand and the way that you deal with people, you want to make your business stand out to your clients. Here’s how you can do it with six tips!

  1. Legendary Customer Service. Your people on the phone who are providing the customer service need to be perfect. They need to think they’re being treated like royalty – it’s the only way to create a loyal customer base who care about what you’re selling and what you’re doing for them. If you don’t have the right customer service, you’re not going to have customers at all.
  2. Face Mistakes. People love a business who own their mistakes and learn from them. If you make a mistake, publicize it, own it, apologize and move forward. You’ll be respected.
  3. Keep A Clean House. Your business location should be impeccable, from the carpets to the wiring. Everything should be ship-shape, particularly if you’re going to have customers and clients in the building. Bring in the right janitorial cleaning company, and you’re not going to have to worry about it anymore. Cleaning may be low on the agenda, but it’s a must!
  4. Stay Honest. Your customers deserve your honesty, so be as honest as possible about your services and products on offer. Don’t ever tell fibs about what you can offer; you WILL get caught out and pulled up on it, and that’s just embarrassing!
  5. Be Innovative. Coming up with new products and diversifying is essential for your development as a business. You want to continue to solve problems for your customers, and you can only do that with something impressive.
  6. Use Your Voice. Be the company that blogs with content stuffed with humor. Be the company that vlogs the silly days in the office and lets people see the real business behind you. You have a voice, and you should use it.

Each of these points will help you to impress your clients and make your business somewhere that they would want to interact. Take a moment and make a list: your business needs to make waves, and you have the power to do it.

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Should We Start A Business If We Don’t Like Our Jobs?

We’ve all been there, endured that daily drudge to the office and thought to ourselves, why am I even here? If we don’t like our jobs, we start to think about what else we can achieve in life. As our brain starts to daydream more and more, we could very well think of pragmatic approaches to appease our frame of mind. Starting a business is one of those things that we will give consideration to for the very simple reason that we’ve got some control over our lives because we set the hours. But if we hate our jobs and we really think that starting a business is a viable approach, should we dive right in?

Plotting Your Course

You’ve still got to work hard at your day job but give yourself the space to plan every single particular of the business. Whether you want to start a business yourself from scratch or go for a home based franchise, these questions all need answering. The great thing about having a job that provides a steady income means that you can focus on what is feasible and remain pragmatic.

The Big Mistake Most Budding Business People Make

It’s that notion of time. We may very well feel that we’ve got to strike while the iron is hot, but if we jump ship from our current job and think this will give us the fear to put our plans into overdrive, the fact of the matter is there’s a lot that we don’t have control over. It can be very motivating to get a home office set up, and making it an efficient entity, but there are so many other things that have to align to make the business work, but also profitable. It’s far better for you to start planning your business when in the security of a job. And the added bonus of this is that you will feel a bit more motivation, so the daily drudgery won’t feel so bad.

You Have Something To Fall Back Onto

As exciting as it is to finally take control over your life, you’ve definitely got to think about if it will take off. Leaping from the security of a full-time job into something that will be considered risky could mean you end up with nothing. Your business could go down the tubes and you have no means of earning money if you leave your job. The best approach is to have your full-time job but also start your business as the equivalent of a part-time one or side hustle. That way, you are gradually building up your knowledge and skills on a part-time basis, and when it gets to the point that the business becomes viable, this can start to take over your life. And when it gets to the point that you are so busy you cannot realistically keep both aspects going, then you will have the confidence to say goodbye to your job.

Unfortunately, not liking your job isn’t reason enough to get going. But if the job is taking over your life in an unpleasant way, you should focus on getting a better job that will still give you some sense of accomplishment, but also enable you to push forward with your true passions.


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Improve the Performance of Your Business This Year

As a modern business, you should always be looking for ways of improving the performance of your business. This is something that is bound to improve the way the company comes across, as well as the success you might be able to enjoy. Do as much as you can to work on enhancing your performance, and doing as much as possible to take the business forward.

You have to look at what you can do to improve the company and focus on ironing out the creases when it comes to business management. There are a lot of things that you are going to have to make sure you focus on as an entrepreneur, and there are a lot of elements to the company that you need to make better. These are some of the best ideas you need to work on to improve your company this year and think about boosting performance levels as much as you can.

Become More Efficient

One of the most important things to keep in mind is how you can go about making your business more efficient this year. The great thing is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to trying to boost the company’s efficiency. You need to make sure you communicate better with staff in order to make sure they understand their business role more completely. It also means you should look at outsourcing (more on this later), as well as improving the digital footprint your business has.

Understand Your Customers Better

It is also crucial to make sure you understand your customers as much as possible too because this is going to have a big bearing on the success your company can have. Your customers are the lynchpin of business success, and the way to secure more sales and have a better customer relationship is to understand them better. This means looking at customer management software, and you might like to look at netsuite crm vs salesforce to see the best sorts of software that can help you get a reading on your customers as well as possible. This is integral to improving performance and understanding what your customers are looking for from your business.

Outsource More Tasks

As we touched on earlier, outsourcing is an absolutely integral part of making your company more productive and improving the performance of the business. There are so many things you can outsource nowadays, and you want to make sure you take a look at some of the best tasks for outsourcing this year. This is something that can free up a lot of time and money for your company, which will allow you to focus on improving other parts of it. Outsourcing is a key buzzword for modern business owners, and this is something to keep in mind if you want to improve business performance this year.

Hire the Best Talent

If you want to get the best out of your business, you need to have the best employees to help take the company further. This is something you have got to think about moving forward, and this means coming up with a strong recruitment strategy. You have got to be sure you are hiring the right people to fit your company, and this is essential. There are so many amazingly talented individuals out there, and you need to do as much as possible to make them a part of your business.Pexels

Digitize as Much as Possible

One of the other essential factors you need to get right is making sure you digitize your business as much as possible. This is something you will most likely get right moving forward, but you also need to make sure you are looking at how you can digitize as many different areas of the business as possible. This is something that you need to make sure you get right as a business owner moving forward. Digitizing all across the company is the best way of being able to take enhance the way the brand works.

Make use of these ideas when you look at improving the performance of your business, and this is something you have to work on moving forward. If you can make your business better and more productive, you are going to be able to improve and increase the amount of success you have. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind as a business owner, and these are some of the absolutely key factors to bear in mind when you are looking at how you can improve the performance of the company. A lot of this is to do with things like outsourcing, improving efficiency, and understanding your customers better.

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Running A Business Isn’t Easy…But It Could Be Easier

Running a business isn’t easy. If you are already running a business of your own, you don’t need us to tell you that. However, there are ways to make your life easier, so if you have been complaining about the amount of work you have to do, and if you have struggled to get home on time at a decent hour each day, there are a few things you can do to make your life a little simpler.

Use technology to streamline complicated business tasks

Why struggle with tasks that are a) time-consuming, and b) difficult to get to grips with, when there are technologies available to you to make life easier for you. As examples, you could use SATbill to streamline your billing processes, implement chatbots on your website to improve customer communication, download marketing apps to make light work of this area of your business, and install Turbotax to manage those pesky taxes. There are hundreds of apps and software tools available to your business, many of which are free (or have free trials attached) so do your research online to find anything that will quicken and improve your business day.

Delegate to your employees

Assuming you are not working alone, it makes sense to delegate some of your business tasks to the employees in your care. By liberating your employee’s talents, you will both a) make life easier for yourself, and b) boost their morale, provided you are not giving them more work than they can deal with. You might want to take on extra employees too if your workload increases, or if you’re not currently employing anybody, you might want to look into hiring somebody to take the pressure off your shoulders. Admittedly, there is an expense involved with staff wages and the like, but you could apply to local colleges for interns or take on temporary rather than full-time staff if your income is running low. Still, despite the expense, if you do need the extra help, you might make more of a profit if you do have more people available to help you manage and grow your business.

Outsource some of your business tasks

If you don’t have the in-house expertise to deal with some of the tasks involved in your business, or if you want to reduce the workload you and your employees have to contend with, then it makes perfect sense to outsource to an outside firm. You might hire a marketing firm to manage this area of your business, for example, or you could hire an accountant to help you get on top of your finances. Again, there will be an expense, but if these people do their jobs properly, this shouldn’t matter if your finances take an uplift because of the work they have put in. These outsourcing tips should come in useful if you decide to go down this route.


Running a business isn’t easy, but it could be easier if you follow these three simple steps. Let us know what you think, and if you have any other suggestions that could be helpful to any of our business-owning readers, please share them with us.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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Strategies To Improve Your Inventory Management

If you’re a small business owner in e-commerce, then taking steps to improve your inventory management is something that can really help you to boost your business, as well as identify the opportunities that you have to be able to free up the limited capital in the business.

Beyond the allocation of capital, having improved or correct inventory tracking and management will be something that can help you to use the storage space that you have, as well as transportation, much more efficiently. This is definitely something that you need to make much more efficient if you have a business based from home, and you have limited storage space. You could look to put together steel framed agricultural buildings in order to create more space, but it does make a difference to the space you need when your inventory is much better managed. It can also help you to identify trends in what your customers want, as well as what are the popular products, be proactive in meeting the stocking needs. So here are some of the things that you can be doing to make sure that you’re able to improve inventory tracking and management.

Regular Cycle Counts

When you are looking to automate the inventory that you have, you need to conduct some physical counts of the inventory, but make sure that you are doing that all more than just once a year. If you don’t, then something that starts out as a small problem will be something that can snowball and be a much bigger problem than if you were able to deal with it quickly. Regular cycle counts will allow you to find and spot small discrepancies as soon as these things happen. This whole counting cycle doesn’t need to be daunting, but it just needs to be regular. This is something that can be done seasonably, as well as around bestsellers.

Label All Items

Having a well organized warehouse is something that is a dream for many. But it can be done and it does make a big difference. This can start with labeling the storage space and all pieces in your inventory too. At first, you might run into problems that need to be solved. But soon after organizing the space, you will discover that there are all sorts of opportunities. You might find that your top-selling items need to be moved to be easier to reach, in order to reduce mess and traffic in a warehouse, for example. You will be able to store much more of something else if you put in smaller shelving, for example. So the sooner that you are able to organize your space and inventory, then the better.

Driving Toward Automation

If you have a team helping you to run the business, then you will know that the more time that your team can cut out, the better the business will be as everything will be much more efficient. Inventory tracking and improving the management will need some investment in time, but it does lead to higher profitability, more accuracy with your orders, meaning fewer returns, as well as reducing the risk of there being shipping errors. It will help to provide better customer service overall.

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How to Make Your Bedroom More Intimate

In a few hours, your spouse is coming home from a work vacation in a week and the kids are at their grandparent’s house, you finally will have time alone. You will get to have some personal time with your spouse and you need some advice on what to do to make the bedroom ready.

Taking the necessary steps in making your bedroom more intimate can be very daunting. You don’t want it to look cheap and cheesy and at the same time clinical and boring that it takes away the spirit of the atmosphere you are trying to create.

For this guest post, we asked our friends from Innofsilentmusic.comto give us their tips on making your bedroom more intimate for you and your partner. Here are their thoughts:

Light It Up

The first step is obvious: Mood lighting. You’re going to want to invest in some lights that dim. Not only is this great for setting the mood it is also great to have in general so if you don’t already have dimmable lights you should get them now! Dimmable lights give you the feeling of a soft candlelit room without the smoke and without the fire hazard that comes with them.

If you don’t have the money to invest in dimmable lighting don’t worry! Candles have existed for thousands of years and are almost a staple in bedroom romance. There’s nothing more erotic than being in bed with the getting familiar with a friend or spouse in the dim light of a candle. Not to mention the beautiful aromas they can have that will help the room not smell like the deed after. You can honestly buy as many or as little candles as you want. Some people might find the idea of 50 candles crazy and some might love the sight of walking into a room full of candles surrounding the bed, just remember to be careful not to burn the house down in your act of fiery passion!

What’s Your Jam?

The next step is also obvious, you’re going to want music! You’re going to want to put on something that will put you both in the mood. Usuall,y something soft and in the background that’s not too overbearing, or if you have your own preferences choose that! Having a good Stereo system or speaker in your room to play this music will help set the mood. When your brain hears music, it likes it naturally starts to produce the feel-good hormone dopamine, having your partner feel good will mean that before the night is over you too will feel good.

No Gadgets Zone

On the contrar,y perhaps you may consider this an idea as well: eliminating electronics from the bedroom completely for the night. By getting rid of all distractions it’ll just be you and that special someone, nothing but your clothes between you. No text messages from your boss, no endless scrolling through social media, just you and your special someone together talking and maybe more. Think about it, when’s the last time you and your spouse talked? And I mean actually talked, not commented on a show you were watching or made grunting sounds of acknowledgement while scrolling through your phone. Putting away electronics for the night can help set an atmosphere of intimacy.

Take the Stress Out

Another step you could take to making your bedroom more intimate is to make your bedroom a safe-space from work. To make your bedroom stress free, a place where work is absent, no chores, no texts to your boss, no work you brought home with you. Just a place to relax. Once you get into the habit of not doing anything in your bedroom besides relaxing it becomes a much more intimate room than it was before. It is no longer just the room you go to, so you can sleep on something comfier than the couch, it becomes a personal sanctuary. You know what would go great in your personal sanctuary? Mirrors. A mirror to look at while you and your significant other do the act can be one of the most erotic and attractive things in the bedroom. Being able to watch you and your spouse pleasure one another will be highly satisfying for both of you!

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, there are several ways you can make your bedroom more intimate, but these are the ones I think will give you the best results. Music never fails to set the mood; it naturally makes you and your partners brains produce dopamine and other feel-good chemicals while creating a pristine environment. Mirrors allow you to have more visual interaction and more intimacy. Lighting allows the mood to be set visually as well but if done with candles it also sets the mood with an aroma while also making sure the room smells great after. Putting away the electronics and focusing on your partner will create a stronger intimacy than todays “Netflix and Chill” would and turning your bedroom into a sanctuary as opposed to a place where you merely fall asleep will do wonders. I hope you listen to these tips and that they help you find happiness the next time you decide to get intimate!

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