Club Advisory Services

Managing a golf club can be a big job. A lot of people forget that it’s not simply a sports venue. A golf club can include a restaurant (if not two), gift shop, hotel and spa. Golf courses can provide classes, tournaments and several different kinds of special events – from tournaments to fundraisers. Golf clubs are also notorious wedding venues, which opens up a whole new arena of managerial concerns and liabilities. Needless to say, managing a golf course can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re thinking about getting into the golf club management business don’t worry. There are a plethora of golf club advisory services that can assist you with all components of your club. You can get one time advice or you can hire a company to manage entire golf course components, it’s up to you. Just be mindful of the many different golf club components before you make a decision about going into a new business.

Club Sales and Marketing

The majority of golf clubs in the country are membership based so you need to have someone who’s dedicated to making sure the marketing is constantly happening. Most golf courses benefit from having an annual marketing and sales plan with established quarterly goals so you can determine where you need to focus your efforts.

Business Operations and Financial Management

Golf club are businesses, therefore you will need to have a business manager. Several people go into the golf club business thinking that they will serve as the owner and business manager, and that can work for some people. However, managing the entire business operations of a club can be cumbersome. Managing the finances alone is a full time job, so you might want to consider securing a strong business administration team to ensure your business is successful.

Retail Store Operations

Most mid to large sized golf clubs have a retail store, which means they need to have a store manager. A significant portion of your revenue can come from a retail store, so this isn’t something you’ll want to take lightly.


From member emails and newsletters to special event flyers and social media content, golf course communications are constantly needed.

Human Resources

Golf courses can employ a handful of people or hundreds of people. Whatever the case, you’re going to need someone to handle recruitment, hiring, training and disciplinary matters.


Because restaurants are a business all on their own, you’ll want to make sure you have an experienced restaurant manager.