We’ve all been there, endured that daily drudge to the office and thought to ourselves, why am I even here? If we don’t like our jobs, we start to think about what else we can achieve in life. As our brain starts to daydream more and more, we could very well think of pragmatic approaches to appease our frame of mind. Starting a business is one of those things that we will give consideration to for the very simple reason that we’ve got some control over our lives because we set the hours. But if we hate our jobs and we really think that starting a business is a viable approach, should we dive right in?

Plotting Your Course

You’ve still got to work hard at your day job but give yourself the space to plan every single particular of the business. Whether you want to start a business yourself from scratch or go for a home based franchise, these questions all need answering. The great thing about having a job that provides a steady income means that you can focus on what is feasible and remain pragmatic.

The Big Mistake Most Budding Business People Make

It’s that notion of time. We may very well feel that we’ve got to strike while the iron is hot, but if we jump ship from our current job and think this will give us the fear to put our plans into overdrive, the fact of the matter is there’s a lot that we don’t have control over. It can be very motivating to get a home office set up, and making it an efficient entity, but there are so many other things that have to align to make the business work, but also profitable. It’s far better for you to start planning your business when in the security of a job. And the added bonus of this is that you will feel a bit more motivation, so the daily drudgery won’t feel so bad.

You Have Something To Fall Back Onto

As exciting as it is to finally take control over your life, you’ve definitely got to think about if it will take off. Leaping from the security of a full-time job into something that will be considered risky could mean you end up with nothing. Your business could go down the tubes and you have no means of earning money if you leave your job. The best approach is to have your full-time job but also start your business as the equivalent of a part-time one or side hustle. That way, you are gradually building up your knowledge and skills on a part-time basis, and when it gets to the point that the business becomes viable, this can start to take over your life. And when it gets to the point that you are so busy you cannot realistically keep both aspects going, then you will have the confidence to say goodbye to your job.

Unfortunately, not liking your job isn’t reason enough to get going. But if the job is taking over your life in an unpleasant way, you should focus on getting a better job that will still give you some sense of accomplishment, but also enable you to push forward with your true passions.