In a few hours, your spouse is coming home from a work vacation in a week and the kids are at their grandparent’s house, you finally will have time alone. You will get to have some personal time with your spouse and you need some advice on what to do to make the bedroom ready.

Taking the necessary steps in making your bedroom more intimate can be very daunting. You don’t want it to look cheap and cheesy and at the same time clinical and boring that it takes away the spirit of the atmosphere you are trying to create.

For this guest post, we asked our friends from Innofsilentmusic.comto give us their tips on making your bedroom more intimate for you and your partner. Here are their thoughts:

Light It Up

The first step is obvious: Mood lighting. You’re going to want to invest in some lights that dim. Not only is this great for setting the mood it is also great to have in general so if you don’t already have dimmable lights you should get them now! Dimmable lights give you the feeling of a soft candlelit room without the smoke and without the fire hazard that comes with them.

If you don’t have the money to invest in dimmable lighting don’t worry! Candles have existed for thousands of years and are almost a staple in bedroom romance. There’s nothing more erotic than being in bed with the getting familiar with a friend or spouse in the dim light of a candle. Not to mention the beautiful aromas they can have that will help the room not smell like the deed after. You can honestly buy as many or as little candles as you want. Some people might find the idea of 50 candles crazy and some might love the sight of walking into a room full of candles surrounding the bed, just remember to be careful not to burn the house down in your act of fiery passion!

What’s Your Jam?

The next step is also obvious, you’re going to want music! You’re going to want to put on something that will put you both in the mood. Usuall,y something soft and in the background that’s not too overbearing, or if you have your own preferences choose that! Having a good Stereo system or speaker in your room to play this music will help set the mood. When your brain hears music, it likes it naturally starts to produce the feel-good hormone dopamine, having your partner feel good will mean that before the night is over you too will feel good.

No Gadgets Zone

On the contrar,y perhaps you may consider this an idea as well: eliminating electronics from the bedroom completely for the night. By getting rid of all distractions it’ll just be you and that special someone, nothing but your clothes between you. No text messages from your boss, no endless scrolling through social media, just you and your special someone together talking and maybe more. Think about it, when’s the last time you and your spouse talked? And I mean actually talked, not commented on a show you were watching or made grunting sounds of acknowledgement while scrolling through your phone. Putting away electronics for the night can help set an atmosphere of intimacy.

Take the Stress Out

Another step you could take to making your bedroom more intimate is to make your bedroom a safe-space from work. To make your bedroom stress free, a place where work is absent, no chores, no texts to your boss, no work you brought home with you. Just a place to relax. Once you get into the habit of not doing anything in your bedroom besides relaxing it becomes a much more intimate room than it was before. It is no longer just the room you go to, so you can sleep on something comfier than the couch, it becomes a personal sanctuary. You know what would go great in your personal sanctuary? Mirrors. A mirror to look at while you and your significant other do the act can be one of the most erotic and attractive things in the bedroom. Being able to watch you and your spouse pleasure one another will be highly satisfying for both of you!

To Sum It Up

In conclusion, there are several ways you can make your bedroom more intimate, but these are the ones I think will give you the best results. Music never fails to set the mood; it naturally makes you and your partners brains produce dopamine and other feel-good chemicals while creating a pristine environment. Mirrors allow you to have more visual interaction and more intimacy. Lighting allows the mood to be set visually as well but if done with candles it also sets the mood with an aroma while also making sure the room smells great after. Putting away the electronics and focusing on your partner will create a stronger intimacy than todays “Netflix and Chill” would and turning your bedroom into a sanctuary as opposed to a place where you merely fall asleep will do wonders. I hope you listen to these tips and that they help you find happiness the next time you decide to get intimate!