In order to attract customers, you need to win over their trust. Whilst you may be able to rely on a smile and a smart suit in person, you can’t rely on these tricks online and must use other tactics to put customers at ease. Here are a few ways in which you can create a sense of credibility using your website.

Get your website professionally designed

To instill trust, your website needs to look professional. Nowadays its easier than ever to create a website oneself for free without coding knowledge thanks to the likes of WordPress – whilst it’s possible to create professional-looking websites using this platform, it’s easy to create something amateurish if you haven’t got a good eye for UI design. Letting a professional web designer take over will ensure that your website creates a good impression.

Provide testimonials

Testimonials can be effective at winning over consumers’ trust. They give proof of other customers’ satisfaction, showing that you can deliver on your promises. You can dedicate an entire page to testimonials or you can display a few on your homepage. It’s possible to add a tool that allows clients themselves to submit testimonials – you can then choose to publish these testimonials if you’re happy with them.

Display qualification and award badges

Got any qualifications? Won any business awards? These can be worth showing off about on your site. A great way to do this is to display badges on your homepage, which may be obtained by contacting the course administrator that gave you the qualification or the award panel that gave you the award. Proof of qualifications will tell people that you’re educated and know what you’re doing, whilst awards will show proof of endorsement by professional bodies.

Write a personal bio

A personal bio such as this one by Peter DiTomasso can be great for connecting people on a human level. It allows you to talk about yourself and your own achievements rather than presenting yourself as a faceless business. Make sure to keep only the most relevant information in this bio. This could be displayed on your homepage or on a separate page.

Offer advice through blog posts

Blogging is a great way to build credibility. Blog posts can be used to give advice to clients or advice to fellow business owners. They allow you to show off your expertise and help solve people’s problems. Blogging can have other purposes too – it can be used to improve your SEO by incorporating keywords and it can help to keep your website consistently fresh with new content. Many business owners set up a separate page for their blog roll. Make sure that content is relevant to your business.