Ever since the evolution of the Homo sapiens dawned upon our planet, man soon realized the importance of having a shelter, a place to live. And soon after man began to reside in a home of some kind, be it a cave or a crippled hut made of bamboos and leaves, his desires went towards the direction of decorating his home. From wall paintings in caves to terracotta dolls, archaeologists all over the world have found numerous items and findings that go to show how our need for home decor have originated and evolved from centuries.

Today, we always focus on upping our home decor game and making our humble abodes look as beautiful as possible. Our walls are always decorated with beautiful and striking paints, covered with portraits, showcases, paintings, and whatnot. While all this do help to make a beautiful wall, they’re somewhat becoming old-fashioned. Any home decor expert would now tell you to opt for accent walls as they’ve become the benchmark for stylish home decors now. For those of you wondering what an accent wall is, it is basically a wall designed with patterns and colors mainly, that completely changes the look of your room and instills a sense of the extraordinary in an ordinary space quite easily.

These accent walls completely change the look of the room, don’t they? As you can see in these pictures, having just one accent wall can make your entire room look not only modern but aesthetically pleasing as well. So, let’s not waste any more time and get to discussing some of the best accent wall ideas you can try out today.

1. Painting the Wall

The very basic idea for an accent wall is painting it in a striking or vibrant color which complements the other walls. This kind of wall accent can be done in your bedroom as well as the living room. If you’re tight on a budget, painting a wall in striking colors such as blue or black can very often change the entire look of the room itself.

2. Geometric Accent Walls

Who doesn’t love irregular patterns and lines, right? It is often considered a genius move by architects these days to incorporate such geometric lines into their designs to make the entire look of a room appear more modern. Having a geometric accent wall creates a striking appearance that guests will notice instantly, and also creates a fun design for kid’s rooms as well!

3. Using Wall Stencils

Since patterns have become a sought-after choice for accent walls, a great option is to use wall stencils, through which you can create designs on the walls yourself. The stencils available today in the market are quite beautiful and hassle-free. You won’t even have to repaint the accent wall, just add designs of different colors through these stencils and the wall will look new and better.

4. Use Those Pictures you’ve got!

A lot of us have our phones filled with pictures and selfies, don’t we? Well, they’re also an awesome idea to make a creative accent wall that will definitely catch looks from your guests. This is the time for you to finally look through all those pictures you’ve been storing in your phone and choose the best ones to put up on display. Creating an accent wall with collages of your cherished pictures is a great way to make a low-budget creative accent wall with a beautiful personal touch.

5. Wood Pallets

A lot of us love rustic décor. The visually aesthetic look of wood and blocks often give a rusty pleasing look and that can be used to create a mesmerizing accent wall as well. A lot of high-end homes often have wood pallet accent walls as that also instills sophistication while simultaneously portraying that rusty décor feel which everyone has an eye for.

6. Stone Accent Walls

If a posh and sophisticated look is what you’re really aiming for, that is not only soothing but also gives off a vibe of grandeur, then stone accent walls are probably one of the best choices. Stone accent walls portray an aura of sophistication and calmness and the visual effect is almost unparalleled.

 7. Wall Murals

There’s not much you can go wrong with when you choose a wall mural accent wall. Especially if you’re an artsy person who loves the essence of colors, then wall mural is a win-win situation for you! Everyone loves a good wall mural and a wall mural is a great way to make your room look quirkier.

8. Minimal Accent Wall

Minimalism has become more of a lifestyle choice for many, thanks to aesthetic cultures and Pinterest. Adding a minimalist accent wall is another great way to maintain a calm and peaceful vibe in the room, making it look rich and sophisticated at the same time.

9. Sharpie Designs

Another great budget-friendly way of creating an amazing accent wall is to draw your personalized designs on the wall with sharpies. Yes, that’s going to be exhausting and will require you to purchase *a lot* of sharpies, but it will still cost less than an actual wallpaper and look much better as it’s your own creation.

10. Wallpapers

If you’re looking to dish out the dough and spare yourself the hassle, installing wallpaper is probably the easiest way of having a cool accent wall in your house. Wallpapers of just about any design are available these days and they’re the best way of not making a long-term commitment to the look of your wall. Easy application, easy removal.

11. Staircase Walls

In many houses, the wall next to the staircase is often the biggest one and thus, hardest to decorate as the staircase often blocks the path. However, you can make this your accent wall as well, as it acts as the biggest canvas. Make it vibrant, cover with photos, make sketches, do your thing and voila! You have a cool staircase accent wall!

12. Bookshelves

Bookworms, this one’s for all of you. Built-in bookshelves are another great way to create an accent wall that adds to the sophistication of the room and also gives off a pleasant and welcoming vibe, just like the books themselves.

13. Displayed Art

An accent wall is more about what you do with the wall, rather than the wall itself. Thus, if you have your amazing art pieces lying around, hang them on the biggest wall of your house and instantly turn it into a personalized beautiful accent wall that is bound to turn heads.

14. Mirrors

An accent wall doesn’t have to be all about sketches, patterns, and colors. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to turn the ordinary wall into a piece of grandeur, hang mirrors of complementary shapes and sizes that will help you create a mesmerizing accent wall and a unique one as well.

15. Tiles

If you’re looking to make a striking impression or just create a peaceful vibe in your bedroom, tile up the wall and you’ll have yourself an amazing accent wall that you’ll never get tired of. Peel and stick tiles are available as well, that have an extensive design range and look more stylish too.

16. Chalkboard

A new trend that is on the rise amongst home décor these days is the chalkboard accent wall, which definitely poses as quite the decoration. Having a chalkboard accent wall not only makes things more creative but will also give you the freedom to have new designs and drawings on the wall whenever you want!

17. Textures

If you’re really looking to make your wall stand out in the house, go farther than just paints and wallpapers. Get a textured accent wall with any texture of your choice and in the color that complements the other walls and you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands that creates quite the impression.

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