Testing facilities are some of the most exciting places on earth. No, that’s not an exaggeration at all. Truly, testing facilities are the place where every single one of your favorite products goes to be reborn. They might have come into being in the boardroom with brilliant minds willing them into life, but the best products are only allowed to go to full-scale manufacturing if they passed the test. It’s not just durability tests that a testing facility will challenge a product with, but rather the overall design. It’s the first application of a real-world scenario. It’s incredibly vital that your test facility is well-looked after. The premise has to be that, the facility is to be kept watertight. Each time you are testing a product and evaluating the results, you’re looking at secrets that have just been unlocked. Apple or Samsung would pay a pretty penny to someone with reliable information about test results of either’s new product. So of all challenges you’re facing, what are the most in-your-face kind?

Danger from above

It’s not prying eyes that you’ll first have to combat, it’s the weather. Testing facilities are often small, thus they might not use as robust materials as larger buildings might such as for a manufacturing facility or storage warehouse. It’s common for the first iteration of a test unit to, unfortunately, fall short of structural integrity expectations. Many small business owners will find this out the hard way. The danger from above must not be miscalculated, as rain, hail, and wind play a big role in urgent repair needs. You can however always look for a commercial roof replacement which employs modern design and materials. A full examination will be done first to see if there are good points to the initial design, then the team can repair and replace certain parts of the roof. If you want it completely redone due to the damage this is also possible.


Keep it classified

Every so often you get a reminder that business and espionage are like oil and more oil. They just mix perfectly as last year we were all feigning surprise as Samsung’s new flexible display was leaked. Obviously this had to have come from within the company rather than someone who was visiting catching a glimpse of a secret project. It completely ruins the element of shock for customers and gives your rivals a warning of what you’re up to. Therefore, make sure that only authorized employees are allowed to work in the testing facility. This will be your top engineers, designers and project leads. Having some safety precautions such as now allowing personal bags into the facility is a good idea. Ban smartphones from entering also as employees looking to do harm can take quick snaps of your products and testing techniques.

A test facility or unit, is by one of the most important parts to any business. It can be considered the beating heart of your innovation and ability to beat out your rivals. There are many things that can go wrong, so plan ahead for stronger structures and security checks.