Whether you’re a sole trader, a business owner, or a partner in a business, you will find yourself faced with the arduous task of finding suitable premises. While there are some fantastic options available, not all of them will be suitable for your needs – or those of your employees.

Before you find yourself locked into a lease that turns out to be not worth your while, consider these five office options below:

Serviced Office

Do you want to walk into your office, meet customers, hold meetings, and not worry about a thing? A serviced office with meeting rooms for hire may be the answer. A serviced office is the same as leasing office space but with a much more convenient setup.

You get to benefit from reception services, WiFi, kitchen facilities, office furniture, and you will also have access to professional meeting rooms for that important client with whom you want to make a great impression. The best part is, these all feature in one convenient bill at the end of every month. Serviced offices can save you a lot of hassle and cost, particularly for smaller businesses on a budget.

Home Office

Technology has changed the way the world operates – including the way you do business. As a result, around 70 percent of people work from home or remotely at least once per week. Could that be your new reality? If you’re a sole trader or professional with no significant office ties, you can save money by setting up a home office. You get to enjoy a better work-life balance, cut out those tiresome commutes, and spend more time with your family.

Virtual Office

There may come a time when you’re working from home, that you realize it looks quite unprofessional. The thought of official business clients sending mail to your house may also send shivers up your spine. A virtual office can offer the best of both worlds.

You get to continue working from home, but you get to enjoy a virtual business address with mail-forwarding and call-taking facilities. Your business card says you work from a prestigious business center in the city, but your pajamas say you work from home.

Shared Space

By the end of 2017, over 1.2 million people would have shared a co-working space. Working in a shared area involves turning up at an established shared office, finding an available seat, and getting to work. You may not know anyone, they may not know you, but you share a common trait: you need a place to work.

Shared space is suitable for sole traders or creative entrepreneurs. In such areas, you can brainstorm with others, find inspiration, and get that much-needed social aspect that working from home doesn’t provide.

A Permanent Office

If you don’t like moving around a lot, would prefer not to work from home, or have a few staff members to care for, then a permanent office may be more your style. When you decide you need a new office space for you and your team, factor in your budget, the size you need, and the location. You may then like to get in touch with a commercial real estate agent to sort through your options.

Every employer and employee is going to have different needs, which is why so many workspace options exist. You can enjoy the freedom of shared space, the anonymity of virtual offices, or the comfort of working from home. You may then also like the conveniences and affordability of serviced offices with meeting room access. Whatever your needs, know there is an office type to meet them.