Your office has a lot of equipment in it, and that equipment was expensive to invest in! It counted for a huge portion of your start up budget, and you want to keep track of your office stock at all times as a result. But that can prove to be quite hard when you’ve got a heavy footfall, or you stay in mostly one place as you work from your office from home – you’re not too sure where you put things, or you’re not too sure who’s currently using what in the office block downtown.

So let’s make your office equipment a lot easier to track down and keep safe. After all, they’re what keeps your business operations running, so all your tablets and the laptops you use in the meeting room should be a top priority on your list.

Make Sure You Know What You’ve Got

You need to be sure you have a list of all the tech in your office. If you don’t even know what you’ve got in the storeroom, or the number of computers lining the desk in the main working areas, you’re going to be at a loss already.

You can easily make a table in Microsoft Excel if you have it, or simply draw up your own. Keep it on file, scan it into your system as well for a digital copy, and periodically check on it to add new pieces, remove lost ones, or check you still have the original number on hand.

Use a GPS or Remote Tracker Whenever You Can

Most modern technology has tracking technology inside of it, seeing as we’re always quite likely to lose or have our tech stolen when out and about. And seeing as more and more people like to work remotely, or log onto public wifis and then quickly pop to the toilet without locking down a PC, this kind of software is more important than ever.

So be sure you’ve got these useful apps turned on, especially in your phone, tablets, and laptop – the most likely suspects to go walk about in the office. You can follow this tutorial to set up and turn on find my Mac as well if need be.

Log When Items are Being Used

Following on from above, if you know what tech you have available, you’re also going to be able to log their usage as and when it happens. For example, if something takes a laptop out for the day’s use, they have to sign the item out. When they’re finished, they have to sign the item back in again. Make it a complete system, and make sure you take names at the same time – if an employee of yours has a habit of not returning a tablet on the same day it was taken, you can take the option to inhibit their tech usage.

Your office equipment should be treated with respect, so put some rules in place to make sure it will be.