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Month: January 2019

5 Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services

Most pests are easy to get rid of. If you see a cockroach or a lone flying mosquito, simply bring out a bug spray and spray at the pest directly or the room and you will be rid of your insect problem.

Getting rid of a mouse you are sure is living in your kitchen is relatively easy, too. All you need is a mousetrap or a similar device and the right bait and your kitchen will soon be rodent-free.

However, taking the DIY route isn’t always the best course of action when you have to deal with pests. There will be instances when using an insecticide won’t help you get rid of your creeping or flying problems completely. After all, pests rarely ever come solo. In these situations, the best option is toinvest in thebest pest control servicesavailable.

To know when you need to hire a professional exterminator to deal with your pest problem, here are five signs you need to look out for:

1.   Your DIY attempts are not working

If you have already spent a fortune buying different bug sprays and insect traps and you still haven’t gotten rid of the pests in your home, you need to contact a pest control company immediately.

Even if your sprays and traps manage to kill and catch some pests but you still see a lot of them running, creeping, or flying around, you are only wasting a lot of time and money.Keeping your home cleanis a good start to minimizing pests in your home. But to get rid of your problem completely, get help from a provider of pest control services.

2.   You are dealing with dangerous pests

There are some pests that are simply too dangerous to deal with on your own. These include bees, wasps, and poisonous snakes and spiders.

Even rodents can be harmful to have in your home.Rats are known carriers of various diseaseswhich include leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Some species of ticks carry Lyme disease which can be debilitating if contracted.

Certain pests can also carry e-coli that could make you or your family sick if not dealt with immediately and properly.

If your home or outdoor space is harboring any of these pests and already has been for a long period of time, call a pest control expert immediately.

3.   You are afraid your attempts are doing more harm than good

Using pesticides too often can be hazardous to you and your family’s health, and even your pets’. When bug sprays are used frequently and incorrectly, you run the risk of spreading poison in your homesince these products are made of harsh chemicals.

If you keep storing a lot of liquid and powder and crystal pesticides in a cabinet or drawer that you don’t lock, there is a chance that your kids or pets can reach and get them. If they accidentally swallow these pesticides, they will become severely ill.

To ensure your efforts in keeping your home pest-free won’t endanger anyone, it would be best to hire experts. Most pest control companies use eco-friendly pesticidesand, therefore, do not pose a risk to people, pets, and the environment. They bring these products will them as well, so you won’t have to store them yourself.

4.   You are already noticing signs of property damage

In case some of your curtains, furniture, and clothes have holes or look like they have been gnawed on, you need to call the pros immediately.

If you see cords, cables, or wires that have been chewed on, you need to get help from an exterminator right away. This is because the more you let rats eat or gnaw into electrical wirings and cables, the higher you are putting your home atrisk of starting an electrical fire.

You will also save more money on repairs if you let the pros handle a possible termite infestation problem. These pests can cost you a fortune in the repair and replacement of wooden fixtures and furniture.

5.   You can’t get to the root of the problem

Finally, if you keep seeing the same pests over and over again in your home, it means you haven’t located and dealt with the source of your problem. To get rid of your pest problem once and for all, invest in a professional pest control service.

The best service providers have theright tools and equipment to locate where the pests in your home are hiding. They will then employ the right pest control and management strategies to ensure your home is safe, healthy, and pest-free again.

There is nothing easy about eradicating pests in your home. Save yourself some money, time, and effort by getting help from the pros as soon as you see signs of pest infestation.


Erum Rizviis co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at a new startup venture, FixonClick, which is a web-based online portal for services and customers. Born and raised in the UAE, Erum as a tech devotee has more than 13 years of experience in leading strategic wins in Business Management and Channel Development with MNCs like Cisco, Microsoft, and Techdata.

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What It’s Like to Write “The End” Again

Honestly, it has been a few long years, and it feels like even longer since I have written “The End” on a book, mine or otherwise. In some ways, I was beginning to wonder if I could still do it. By that, I meant carry a story through until the end. 

Don’t get me wrong. I knew I still had it in me, and from my freelance writing career, I knew I could still write. However, writing is novel is much different than an article, a blog post, or a short story. Even those bait e-books they talk about are different when you write the end. 

But after the last year, things changed for me a lot. First, my freelance writing and even a ghostwriting book took off in ways I could not have imagined. I grew as a writer and a person and got back into the writing groove. I took on gigs I would not normally have and transformed my life to once again put writing at the center. 

I wrote “The End” a few times in recent months, and it feels good. If you are a writer and struggling to do the one thing we all struggle with from time to time, finishing, here are some thoughts for you. 

Personal Satisfaction

While we all know that writing is a business and “The End” is just the beginning of a larger process, it is the end of one of the toughest parts. There is something immensely satisfying in the completion of a large project, and whether that is a novella, novel, or a non-fiction book of some sort, you have proven you can see something through to a conclusion. 

Why are NaNoWriMo and other such programs so popular with writers? Because they give you a chance to finish something, even if you do not see it through to publication. Writing “The End” whether the first time or the fiftieth, matters. 

Inspiration to Do it Again

One of the truths of the writing craft is that no matter how good you get, no matter how long you work at it, you will never be truly a master, because there is always something new to learn. The only way to learn those things is to write something and finish it over and over again. 

Writing the words “The End” inspires you to do it again, and again, and again. Maybe you are like most writers and have a lot of projects in the works. When you write “The End” it is time to move on to whatever is next. You should have a plan for that too, by the way. Goals set are goals achieved. 

The Psychological Victory

Let’s put things in a bit of perspective. A big part of writing fiction or anything else is psychological. If you have chosen writing as a career, you can type pretty fast (probably) and you probably have enough ideas to fill a book themselves. Then life happens or people give you other ideas, and you feel like you can write forever. 

Until you sit down to write and then somehow our brain blocks us from doing what we love if we let it. The ability to get through those blocks and to the end with something that is at all good and worth working through the rest of the process is a huge breakthrough, and not just once, but every time. 

I endured a lot of personal criticism about many aspects of my life, including my decision to be a writer and do that for a living for a few years before a relationship ended and I started over in many ways. Whatever is going on in your life, whatever you need to do to finish or get started again, the ability to complete something and write “The End” will boost your confidence and morale. 

What a Relief

To be a successful writer, you need to need to be a writer, to the point where nothing else will really do. Whether this is a hobby for you or a way to make a living, you still need to have the same need. 

Writing “The End” this time for me was a relief. I need to be a writer. An extensive collection of nametags, hairnets, and various unsuccessful careers tells me this is true. The question I had after the last few years was whether or not I could do it anymore. Freelance was one thing: my books and novels were another. 

But I found I could. First, I wrote “The End” on Tilting With Windmills, a Monster Marshall’s story coming sometime this year, wrote “The End” on a ghost writing project I am involved in, wrote it in Harvestedformerly of another title after a major re-write, and am about to do it again on a non-fiction project about writing as a business, also coming out this year. 

This isn’t to brag. It is to simply say this very act proved I can do this, I can be a writer, and I can make it my living. I can keep writing “The End” over and over again until it is written the final time for me by someone else. What’s it like to write “The End” again? It is all of these things. What is standing in your way? No matter what it is, you can get past it. After all, what better satisfaction is there in this crazy business of ours? 

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Moving Tips: Ways To Beat Unpacking Procrastination

Whether you believe it or not, unpacking doesn’t seem to be an easy task. After a stressful move, it’s sometimes exhausting to empty some boxes and get everything done right away. However, you can’t live with stacks of boxes for a long time. If you’re looking for a fresh start in your new home, you need to get the box cutter and start working.

Here are some ways to beat unpacking procrastination from the very beginning.

Create a timeline.

Decide on a date when you’re going to unpack and stick with it. Give yourself this ample time to organize your unpacking tasks. For instance, scheduling something like a housewarming party can be a great way to get everything unpacked immediately. After all, inviting some of your friends to come over will prevent you from procrastinating. So, beat this not-so-good moving habit by setting a deadline for yourself.

Start with something easy.

After an exhausting move, dealing with your boxes can make you feel paralyzed. If you don’t want it to happen, get started by doing something that doesn’t need careful planning to unpack like books and cables which are easy to plug in. Once you’re done with the easy tasks, prepare your brain in the right mindset to take bigger things later.

Take breaks in between.

Unpacking will go smoothly by working on the easier one to the bigger ones. From there, you may find the activity less daunting because you’re able to break up the work into smaller parts. In addition to splitting up the tasks, taking breaks in between may also be an effective way to keep the drive throughout the transition. For instance, you may opt to empty all your bedroom boxes, then go for a lunch date outside and then go back to unpack the living room boxes.

Do a little every day.

If you feel like unpacking is the laziest thing to do after your move, then it’s better to think of it as something you can do slowly every day. For example, you can spend at least twenty minutes each day to unpack things no matter how little it is. Another way to do it is to take a few items from the box and place them on the shelves. Doing a little at a time can make the whole thing more handy and productive.

Combat unproductive thoughts.

It’s easy to convince yourself why unpacking may not be done right away. However, thinking why something can’t be done doesn’t mean you can’t really do it on time. Besides, you have the option not to facilitate your negative thoughts and get up to take action. So, be proactive in fighting these thoughts by taking advantage of some mindfulness techniques. If you take these steps seriously, you can overcome procrastination not just with unpacking but in other areas of your life as well.

Listen to music.

Unpacking all your stuff isn’t the right time to catch up on the favorite shows you’ve missed when you’re relocating. Even if the whole things seems to be boring, watching TV will only get you distracted while you unpack. That said, playing music instead can help make the work more manageable. Although you may miss what’s going on with your TV series, you can’t do what you have to do if you focus too much on your show. So, keep yourself entertained while unpacking by listening to music than watching TV.

Seek help.

The entire thought of unpacking can be an exciting one if you do it with some help. Ask some assistance from your friends especially in getting your living room and kitchen organized. Enjoy unpacking by turning it into a social activity. For example, you can incorporate some games in between of the process. You can also give a reward to one of your friends who unpacks the fastest. However, if your family and friends are unreachable, you have the option to contact a  perfect packers moving company for assistance.

Don’t forget to reward yourself.

For a positive life moving forward, finding a happy balance between the things you want and don’t want to do through rewards can be ideal. Try giving yourself with rewards after completing something. That way, you encourage yourself to take action and fight against your unproductive thoughts that are fueling your unpacking procrastination. Stick to small, achievable rewards until you’ve seen a considerable amount of progress.


Typically, procrastinating after the move can be dealt with. You just have to push yourself harder and settle everything on your end as fast as you can by considering these moving tips. Doing so will allow you to spend more time on getting a fresh start in your new place. So, start beating the drive to procrastinate and hire  Movers NYC for help if you’re moving within and from New York City.

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