Not everyone has the disposable income to spend on whatever they like. Some people are barely scraping by from one payday to the next. If you find yourself with not enough money to make it to your next paycheck, then act fast. Take note of these tips for making it through until payday:

Get a Loan

If you have urgent bills to pay, but your weekly pay packet hasn’t quite stretched to allow them, you’re not entirely stranded. Fortunately, many safe and affordable payday loan alternatives can see you through until your next payday. While in the past you may have needed to call upon the services of an unsavory loan shark, those days are over. More and more lenders are coming on board to offer loans to support the borrower as opposed to drowning them in debt. What’s more, the interest rates are affordable and the lending conditions transparent to avoid confusion.

Use Public Transport

Did you know it can cost close to $10,000 every year to own and operate your car? For some families, that’s a significant portion of their annual income. If you are battling to make it to the end of the pay cycle, then park up the car and jump on board the bus. Rather than pay for wear and tear and gas, you can buy a ticket and get to the same destination with other people for a fraction of the cost of car ownership.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Bare cupboards are an all too common problem, and it’s not only third-world countries that are suffering. If you’re concerned about not having enough food and ingredients to make it through, then you may need to get creative. Focus on wholesome, carbohydrate-loaded grains and pasta that fill the belly but don’t empty the wallet. Avoid takeaway meals and create sauces using affordable ingredients you have at home. You can do a lot with pasta and sauce.

Discounts Galore

Don’t be afraid to spend time getting more bang for your buck. When money is tight, it’s something you need to do. Check out your local grocery store for coupon books and discount deals. You will be surprised at how affordable grocery items can be when you dig for deals. To save even more money, shop in mainstream food retailers. You can save as much as 54 percent on many staple foods.

Watch Your Utilities

During winter, it’s not uncommon to spend up to $1,000 on electric heating. For the average family, that may not be all that affordable. If you’re struggling to make it to the end of payday, then be conscious of your utility bills. Don’t freeze without heating, but make an effort to be more aware of your usage. Turn off appliances when you’re not using them, and use blankets instead of electric heaters where possible. Being strict with your power and utility usage can leave you with more money at the end of each month.

For many American families, poverty and a lack of money is a genuine reality. Sometimes, you can be almost at the end of your pay cycle and find out you may not make it stretch far enough. Don’t let it be a headache for your family. Instead, come up with ways to make ends meet. Use public transport, get a loan, make better food choices, watch your utility spending, and shop for discounts. Every little bit helps to leave more cash in your wallet at the end of the working week or month.