It’s pretty evident that a house full of fluffy fur babies will always be prone to a flea infestation. In fact, the more fur filled your home is, the more likely chance you have in facing fleas at some point. Fleas become a pest when they make their way in and begin multiplying, leaving irritating, itchy, red bites on us and our pets, and carrying a risk of disease. As a pet owner, you need to protect your fur friends with the greatest flea prevention techniques that you can. Why? Because you love them! Fortunately, there are several flea treatment pills, shampoos, sprays, and collars available for you to purchase from your local store and use in preventing fleas or keeping them away. For this, you will need the best of the best, not just any self-acclaimed flea prevention products on the market. We’re here to help!

Flea Infestation

It is easy to evaluate whether or not you have a flea infestation. Most people become aware of their flea problem from sighting the fleas themselves or from experiencing those agitating flea bites. Generally speaking, once you see one flea there are likely many more around (…or soon to be). It does not take long for a few fleas to breed into a major and rapid-spreading infestation. Fleas are also notorious for carrying and spreading disease. For example, the bubonic plague was transmitted to rats by the fleas on them! Although this doesn’t seem likely, it is possible that you can fall ill from a flea problem. Along with this, fleas can cause your four-legged friends to have an allergic reaction from their bites, causing severe itching, hair loss, and irritation.

Flea Control Methods

When it comes to flea control products, the options to choose from are innumerable. Before you rush into the store and purchase what you deem to be the best option, it is necessary to consult with your vet and obtain their opinion as well. You can also consult with your local pest operator regarding the treatment of fleas in your home and gather information regarding that.  With this being said, we have listed some of the most effective cures for fleas below.


One of the best ways to stop fleas from feasting on your innocent pets will be to use shampoo explicitly created for your pet. This will not only aid in treating the fleas on your pet, but it will also help in preventing the likelihood of them returning in the future. However, the downfall of some of these shampoo brands would be that they remove natural oils from your pet’s coat and skin in order for the treatment to be effective. Again, it is advisable to consult with your vet before buying a particular shampoo product from the store. You can get a waterproof shampoo if you prefer to treat your pet to a nice cool bath or swimming, as the effect of waterproof shampoo does not leave after 48 hours. Though more than likely if you’re facing a flea issue, a flea bath is needed in some cases. Ensure you wait 24 to 72 hours after the bath to enable complete drying of the coat and give the natural oil time to replenish. You can use non-insecticidal shampoo to remove debris and flea dirt, while it also soothes skin-irritated skin.

Flea Combs and Consistent Grooming

Consistent pet grooming helps greatly in removing fleas. Flea combs happen to be a fine-toothed-comb designed to specifically remove flea and flea dirt, which is food for larvae. The flea comb can be successfully used by putting it in a mixture of mild soapy water and gently brushing your pet to trap the fleas. This method also helps to monitor the effectiveness of your flea control and extermination process. After your treatment efforts, you may see fleas around, but that does not necessarily mean the treatment was completely ineffective. It takes time to eliminate fleas from your environment. The already laid eggs, pupae, and larvae in the environment may hatch and infest your home or your pets, which will lead to an endless cycle of your constant attempts to eradicate them. This brings us to our last proposal of treatment, being your local pest control expert.

Unsuccessful? That’s ok!

Don’t give up just yet, because these fleas definitely aren’t. If you’ve tried DIY treatments and differing solutions from your vet and none are seeming to do the trick, it’s time to call in the professionals. A professional pest control service may seem like an extensive route, but in reality, it will be the safest, effective, and quick option. A professionally trained and equipped flea control expert can eliminate your fleas for good, and prevent them from ever returning. Your pet doesn’t deserve to endure fleas, help them out today!