Human beings have a strong relationship with their beds, accounting for more than a third of the times they spend with them. While your mattress has been loyal to you these past several years, how much do you know about it? Here are five interesting things you didn’t know about mattresses:

Mattresses can be recycled

Ever wondered what happens to old mattresses? If you are an online shopper, then you may not enjoy the privilege of the brand owners taking care of your old mattress. However, beds can be recycled. 

You can repurpose the springs and metals used while recycling the foam and fabrics involved in manufacturing it.

Dust mites keep you company

Did you know that you may not be sleeping alone in your bed? Dust mites are found almost anywhere where human beings and animals live, and more specifically, hide in mattresses. Even the best ratedmattressin the market will build up with dust mites the moment you start using them.

Although the dust mites are harmless, they may cause your allergies and asthma to flare up, giving you restless nights. If your allergies are too much to bear, consider getting an allergen resistant mattress cover and pillows, mainly since you cannot completely get rid of the dust mites.

Mattresses put up with dead cells at night

You may think that you have been kind to your mattress, but the truth is, you sweat and shed dead skin cells on your mattress all night long. With other fluids that also play a part in dirtying your mattress like saliva drools, mucus, among others, you need to use bedding before you sleep on your mattress.

Further, wash your bedding as frequent as possible, at least once every two weeks. You can also vacuum your mattress every once in a while when you deem it fit.

A messy bed may be better

While tidiness is closer to cleanliness, a messy bed might be better than a well-made and spread one. Ideally, when you cover your mattress lining it with bedding after another, you trap in moisture and other things, which breeds a comfortable home for the dust mites, and therefore they are likely to increase.

Leaving your sheets to air out in the sun allows your mattress to air as well, and so getting rid of more dust mites. If a messy bed is not your idea of a good bed, then consider airing your bed every once in a while, perhaps once every week, to freshen your bed.

‘Sleep tight’ on ropes

Do you know where the phrase ‘sleep tight’ originated from? Well, the whole idea of ‘sleep tight’ was drawn from the early American beds that had ropes tightly running through the frame of the bed. Instead of the wood frame, the mattress would lie on the tightropes.A mattress is such an essential part of the household, offering your comfort in the sleeping hours of your night. For deep and proper sleep which is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, learn to take care of your mattress bed.