The refrigerator is one of the essential appliances of every household.  People store their food, fruits, cold drinks, and other edible items in the fridge. Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit.  It’s essential to keep your refrigerator clean and tidy.  With a clean and neat refrigerator, you can safely and hygiene your food.   The refrigerator is one of the essential areas to focus on when you are cleaning your kitchen. A fridge is a necessary appliance that can keep clean and hygienic food and reduce the risk of food poisoning. For some tasks, hiring a home cleaning service is necessary.

Still, the cleaning of the fridge is not easy and straightforward as compared to other kitchen appliances. There are some necessary steps to keep your refrigerator clean and neat such as:

•           First of all, you need to remove all food material from the fridge and clean all the corners and crevices.

•           After that, take out all removable parts such as shelves and drawers.  And soak in warm water and dishwashing soap. 

•           With the warm water and dishwashing liquid to wipe the interior parts of the refrigerator.

•           If you want to remove any stains of food from the fridge, then you can use the baking soda.  Apply the baking soda on the blemishes for an hour’s and after that wiping with sponge and cloths.  If you want to use high quality wiping cloths, then tiddox disposables provide high standards wipes for the customers.  Tiddox supplies hospitality cloths for restaurants, hotels, bars, food processing industry, and the catering industry.   The quality of tissues is the highest standards and using the commercial-grade and absorbent materials.

If you are bothered by lousy fridge smell or odors that won’t budge.  There are top tips to freshen up your fridge and remove all unpleasant aromas.  The critical step is cleaning the refrigerator before the deal with bad smells. You need to unplug the fridge and wipe down all interior parts of the fridge. You also need to check the temperature of the fridge and the drainage system.   There are some tips to remove the bad smells from the refrigerator and freshen up your fridge such as:

•           Using ground coffee:  If you want to eliminate any stubborn odor from your refrigerator and freshen up, then you can easily use a bowl of dry and fresh coffee grounds in the bottom of the fridge. With the ground coffee, you can easily remove and soak up any stubborn smells. The unpleasant odors disappear from your fridge within a few days.

•           Baking soda and water:  The mixture of baking soda and water is one of the tremendous natural solutions and used for various home areas.  If you want to use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove the unpleasant smell from your fridge, then you can add a damp sponge into the mix and wipe down the refrigerator from inside. Another way to use baking soda, you can place a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge, and this can also observe the odors and freshen up your fridge.

•           Vinegar: Vinegar is also a great household cleaner. For easy use of vinegar, you can fill the bottle with white vinegar and warm water and spray inside the fridge.  The vinegar efficiently neutralizes any smell and cleans any stubborn stains. 

•           Lemon: Through the lemon, you can also remove unpleasant odors from the refrigerator.  You can place half a lemon face inside the fridge and it will quickly soak unpleasant smell and replace with them fresh like lemony aroma.

•           Eliminate odors with Oatmeal: With oatmeal, you can also remove any unpleasant odors from your fridge and make freshen up odors.  You place the Oatmeal bowl inside the refrigerator and remove the bad smell from your fridge. 

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