Today our guest blogger looks at the process of preserving the body a little longer for those who prefer funeral services, viewing, or other celebrations of life. 

Before someone is buried, a funeral home performs the embalming process. This is sometimes a personal preference for families who want to have their loved one cremated or who might not believe in embalming due to religious beliefs. Most of the time, embalming is done for visitation benefits as it can prolong the body from discoloring and deteriorating at a rapid rate after death.

As a part of the process of embalming La Grange IL funeral homes perform, the body is thoroughly disinfected. The muscles are massaged so that they aren’t stiff as this often occurs shortly after death and makes it difficult for the embalming process to take place. It can also make it difficult to position the body in the casket. Shaving occurs at this time as well. Either glue or plastic caps are used on the eyelids to hold them shut. Wires are often used to secure the jaws closed, but some funeral homes will use stitches instead.

All of the blood and bodily fluids are removed from the body. A solution with formaldehyde is injected into the veins so that it courses through the body. Water, dyes, and ethanol are also used in this solution. The cavities in the body are then embalmed. This is done by making a small incision in the lower abdomen so that a tube can be inserted into the body to deliver the solution. Any gas or fluid in the organs is removed before the solution is injected. After the body is full of the necessary amount of solution, the suture is closed. Makeup is used on the body to give a natural appearance according to the wishes of the family. Clothing that is provided by the family will be put on the deceased, and the hair is styled in a manner that the family requests before the body is put in a casket.