Vacations or festive occasions are some of the best times to click candid pictures. You get a chance to capture the flavor of the place or the event and save it for later to reminisce about the beautiful moments. However, along with capturing the flavor of the place, you unintentionally capture certain details that you wish had not been in the background.

People caught in awkward poses, or the wrong people captured in a family picture, or even people in some really hilarious postures, each of these leaves you blushing, and wishing you could edit out these embarrassments.

Thankfully, all It needs is some smart editing with the help of technology and you will have the perfect memories to look back on, without any embarrassment.

Refine your pictures

Software has been created for Windows as well as Apple products that you can download for free and utilize to rectify the errors in your pictures. With the help of their easy-to-follow instructions, you can make the necessary corrections in your images.

Open your browser and go through all the Images that need to be edited. Give every image a thorough check so that none is left unedited. Once you select them, bring them to the working area of the program for editing, one by one.

Polish the images

You will spot the ‘Object Removal’ button in the menu. With the help of the Selection Brush zero in on the object or the person in the image that you think doesn’t belong there. 

There’s also a ‘Lasso’ that you can use to select the objects for erasing. Slowly and steadily, with the help of the Lasso, start erasing the object that spoils the image. Make sure you erase every minute detail of that particular object or the person. Once you are done with the erasing, use a ‘Stamp Tool’ to clear it up.

Do remember to save the edited image so that it can be shared easily.

Enhance your images

Apart from deleting unwanted objects and people from your pictures, you could also crop and restore your images, use filters to bring out some colors, hide certain flaws or even flaunt some unique elements in your pictures.  The software helps you to automatically improve the image with their user-friendly guidelines.

There was a time when professional photographers would offer these services to us. And, they would charge hefty fees to deliver the goods. Of course, the pictures did look perfect and how we enjoyed gazing at them later.

Now, with all the technological development taking place and various applications being developed, you don’t need to depend upon a professional photographer to get your pictures either clicked or edited.


Getting the perfect vacation pictures was never this easy. You can go clickety-click all day long as you visit new places and then when you wish to share those pictures on social media or save the pictures for future, just click some buttons and get the pictures edited. Erase the people or objects you don’t want and save these beautiful memories, to be cherished for a lifetime.